Saturday, July 2, 2011

Party at Scott Walkers place

Good news first or bad news first?  Guess I will stick with the bad first.  Hunger striker Hallis Mailen was arrested yesterday and remains at the Dane county public safety building (jail) until arraignment on Monday.  I was told that Hallis was doing fine physically though I was not permitted to see or speak with him directly.  So many dedicated individuals, one lonely isolated tool of a governor.
And speaking of the governor I am about to attend a garden party at the governors mansion in Maple Bluff.  It seems that Scotty's wife is throwing a big garden party type event for the tea party crowd.  So we are right now amassing a small flotilla of boats to anchor just offshore from the mansion while others picnic out front to show a little solidarity and a symbol of our stick to it ness.  Your all invited to come, it should be fun.  If you can bring a dish or some chips to pass around.  See you there folks.  Until later.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogette said...

Matt, I have a nominee for "Know Your Asshole"! I even have a (3 minute) video to go with it!: You Tube - "Wisconsin Election Fraud?" by ToadVlogs. I nominate KATHY NICKOLAUS for "Know Your Asshole", for stealing your Supreme Court Justice election. In the video she is referred to as "Jerk of the Week". Justice, Madison.

frogette said...

Matt, I forgot to ask. Why was Hallis arrested?