Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Remember folks it pays to..................

Know Your Asshole and all the info you need to know why VanderSleeze of Green Bay is my asshole of note need only check out the story just released from on FaceBook.  This guy is the total image of a tea bagger.  A drunken violent liar, that abuses women and children, commits fraud and still has time to be a tool for the GOP as the only person crazy enough to run for office under their banner. You got to love public records requests.  It pays to:                                                               
                                                          KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

I will also be appearing tomorrow at the Labor Temple on s. Park to volunteer some more in the recall elections.  If you have the ability to be there between 3 and 5 p.m. on Thursday I would love to see you there.  We can discuss Scotty and other a-holes.

Friday we will be having a walk in solidarity with the hunger strikers to Mayor Soglins office to seek answers regarding police interactions with the hunger strikers and the police refusal to provide them medical attention when they were in custody over the most minor of city ordinances.  Maybe this will lead to a battle royale between Noble Wray of the MPD and local hero Dave Mahoney of the Sheriffs Dept.

The right wing is either showing their true colors or having said colors exposed whether they like it or not.  Thank you all again for reading and keeping the faith, the recalls are almost here folks, please volunteer to help protect against voter fraud from happening again in Wisconsin.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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frogette said...

Hunger Strikers: I had learned from Twitter that Hallis went to jail because he used rocks as paper weights for his printed material, and the police said the Hunger Strikers could not camp out in front of Miss Forward.