Friday, July 15, 2011

Taking a step back

For health reasons as well as to aid the movement in Wisconsin and the nation I'm going to be stepping back from all the politics for a couple of days.  Please somebody in the Madison area talk to our hunger striking brother Halllis on the capitol square.  Please pick up the torch for me for a few days as I am not quite physically able to deal with all of this right now.
Our brothers life is in danger and he needs someone to take over for me for the weekend, all you have to do is provide some basic communication with the press.  I will take over full duties again by Monday.  If Hallis can risk his life like I did previously, if I can sell off everything I own to maintain involvement in the cause and go through all this other torment, then someone should be able to make some phone calls for a couple hours.
You see I just sounded all ticked off (and I'm not, just exhausted) and that is part of the reason I need to recharge my batteries and take care of my physical self to get back into things once I'm at 100% again.  I appreciate every one's hard work and determination.  Thank you sisters and brothers.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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frogette said...

Matt, I will Tweet your message tonight. I hope this helps a little. I am glad you are taking care of yourself this weekend. Peace and Health, Matt