Saturday, July 16, 2011

You just never know with me......

Its true you never know with me, I end up nearly hospitalizing myself this week and then promise to take the weekend off from stress and politics.............and yet here I am.  I am taking it easy though.  One lesson that not just I myself have been learning lately but others as well is that you have to take care of yourself.  More than four months into the fight of our lives and the stress and wear is starting to show.
Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that your only human and restore your mental/physical balance so you can stay in the fight.  So I had 12 ounces of V8 juice this morning along with a banana and some grapes.  I am planning on going back to my previous good habit of eating two vegetarian meals a day.  Also cutting way back on the coffee and replacing that with more water and fruit juice.  I may even try to quit smoking but don't hold your breath on that one folks.
Also as some of you have been pointing out to me I have been a little snippy and/or angry lately and that is not good for maintaining discipline.  So tomorrow I believe I will make my first trip in quite a few years out to the monastery and try to regain some calm and balance.
Speaking of balance, it is Maxwell street days here in Madison.  This is the big annual event in which all the merchants on State street spend the entire week marking up the prices on their inventory.  And then for the weekend they bring it all out onto the sidewalk and mark the prices halfway down from the recently inflated levels to make you feel like your saving money.  Please balance your shopping with a little bit of political awareness this weekend.  Two of the business's on State st. for Maxwell street days are PipeFitters and also Capitol Kidz.  Both of these establishments are    STILL  selling solidarity shirts and buttons and such that are non-Union printed and made in Central American sweat shops using child labor.  Shame on them both and BOYCOTT THEM BOTH, and please don't be afraid to tell the owners why you wont support them as they chop the legs out from under us all for profit.
I will try to post again later this evening but I cant say for sure.  Since I'm trying to improve my health and state of mind I may just go disc golfing instead.  Disc golf is a fantastic sport and besides that something really well and good came about recently as a (possible) result of disc golfing.  So until later Wisconsin, you grand and glorious old badger state you, take care and keep up the fight.  I love you Wisconsin and all her wonderful citizens.  Teabaggers and teabillies don't count of course as they have voluntarily given up they're humanity and don't count to me as Wisconsinites.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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