Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Overwhelmed with gratitude and concern.

I would just like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the literally dozens and dozens and dozens of people who have contacted my with offers to help the recall effort in southwestern Wisconsin.  I am very touched by your desire to protect democracy in our beloved badger state.  As a matter of fact we now have more volunteers than we have problems that we need help with.  If you would like to be effective and take part in the recall effort in your part of Wisconsin please check out the webpage to see what needs to be done in your area.

I have among other things, been doing a lot of troll busting lately.  This started as an effort to reach out to the tea party and try to explain to them how we are part of the same struggle.  What I learned though was that they are far more emotional than thoughtful (probably from watching Fox news) and I kept discovering that all they were interested in is violence, intimidation and election fraud.  They are actually so mis-led that all they can think about is dismantling democracy and trying to enslave themselves along with everybody else.  I also learned a few things about the size and scope of the tea party movement in our state.

Quite literally the people who have contacted me through this site this week outnumber the tea party in southern Wisconsin.  Which explains the desperate actions they will take to support the corporate powers that have subverted their thinking.  They call themselves the 'silent majority' but that is a lie they use to placate themselves in an effort to feel less helpless in current matters.

So just let me say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all those who have reached out to me this week, and also I AM VERY CONCERNED FOR see this blog is monitored constantly by the tea party.  So if you are going to comment on my postings, and I love to hear from you, I admire your good hearted and honest nature.  And it is your honesty that puts you at risk.  If you send me a comment with a phone number or e-mail address the tea party is going to have it immediately.  I would feel terrible if you started being harassed or threatened by the tools & fools on the right.  So please don't include that information in your comments, if you want me to have that information please message it to me on facebook where I am listed as Matthew Schauenburg.  You good folks and I feel free using our names and having our information out there because we are honest and decent people.

The haters and tools of the tea party always, every single time, post here anonymously as they do all over the Internet.  They know deep inside that they are wrong and they try to hide in darkness and anonymity to disguise it.

So in closing thank you all very much once again for all your kind offers.  Please be safe and take part in the recalls.  I appreciate your readership and will continue to keep you updated in the struggle to protect democracy in Wisconsin.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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