Monday, November 7, 2011

It is getting to be that scary time of year............

Things are getting very scary indeed here in the Midwestern United States.  And I am not talking about Halloween and all that jazz either.  Reports coming in from Ohio today indicated that the right wing is using illegal 'robo-calling' of citizens home's, spreading misinformation about tomorrow's vote in Ohio on S.B. 5 which is their union busting legislation.

It seems like only yesterday that Wisconsin was dealing with illegal right wing robo-calling,  And voter fraud, and voter I.D. debacle's and gerrymandering and racist threats to democracy.  Oh wait that is still going on, even after software manufacturers who supplied the state with voting equipment admitted that the software was designed to alter the information it contained, i.e. creating and altering votes and tallies.

Even though Kathy Nicklaus of Waukesha (Walkersha) was found to have violated state laws that protect against voter fraud for the FOURTH time!  Even though the right wing has already been proven to have shipped in out of state canvasser's with felony records who compiled lists of names of DEAD PEOPLE and used them in the last round of legislative elections.  Even still, right now, tonight and tomorrow and into the future, even with all this plus Koch brothers money piling at the door, the GOP is still looking to tilt the balance unjustly in they're favor even more before we start the recalls nest week.

First they rushed through a concealed carry law that even the National Rifle Association zealots could not approve of.  Then they rushed last week to enact the laws before the recall elections start.  Now they rushed back into session today where the JCRAR in turn, rushed through changes to last weeks concealed carry legislation and stripping it of almost all gun safety training requirements.  All in an attempt to intimidate potential poll-workers and recall petition circulator's before next weeks recall begins.  All by putting weapons into untrained hand even as day after day at the capitol, the police presence grows in number.  Even as the right wing legislators sneak in and out of the capitol in fear, and the state pays more and more for private security and undercover officers all over the capitol grounds, still they persist.h

We can win, we will win, because almost nobody supports Scott Walker and his cronies in Wisconsin anymore.  Don't let them make you live your life in fear, don't allow domestic terrorism sponsored by the radical right to take root in Wisconsin.  Fight for democracy and the recall effort, life will only get so very much worse if we let them steal our government away from us.  If we let that happen the only fight left for Wisconsin will be the jackals of the right wing fighting over the bones of our state's carcass.
Solidarity and peace forever sisters and brothers.  By being out in the streets and defending the democratic process, we can return peace and justice, truth and prosperity to the badger state.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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