Monday, October 10, 2011

They want somebody to die

Recently republican Nass has been coming down very hard on Chief Tubbs of Capitol Police and Security.  Even after the Chief was lauded for the cool-headed approach to the large scale occupation of the Capitol in Madison earlier this year.  Nass was angry that the GOP was not allowed to break open meetings laws and operate in a media blackout under cover of darkness and anonymity.  For very understandable reasons, the tea party led GOP was breaking numerous laws and policies, even to the point of bordering on treason.
So Nass and other neo-cons leaned on the Capitol Police with all of their collective might and under duress the Chief had some protesters arrested in violation of the protesters constitutional rights.  Realizing the size and scope of the rights violations the District Attorney's office dropped almost all charges against the protesters time and again to avoid massive lawsuits.
So the right wingers looked into deploying the National Guard to illegally clamp down on peaceful protesters and they told Walkers regime to take a hike.  So now Nass along with the likes of state attorney general JB VanHollen are igniting a potential small scale war inside the state capitol to help push their agenda.
Nass is declaring the Capitol Police, the city of Madison Police Department as well as the Dane County Sheriffs Department as enemies of the Walker regime.  Simultaneously VanHollen who is fighting against the Federal investigation into Walkers corruption tool and nail, is suddenly pushing through at full force a change to recent policy to allow firearms inside the Capitol building.
What the heck, attack all the police agencies, try to remove the Capitol Police and replace them with hand selected members of the State Patrol who have been brutalizing people in the capitol.  Privatizing the union security services with Wackenhutt cronies.  Calling for increased violence against protesters while trying to force the district attorneys office to illegally prosecute people.  Meanwhile trying to allow for uncontrolled carrying of weapons and firearms of all types in the Capitol building.  ?!?!?!?!?!?!
What in the world is going on here, the only possible explanation that I can see is the GOP wants some rounds to be fired off and hopefully someone will die, maybe even one of they're own, to allow a state of emergency to be declared.  But could Walker really use tax money to bring in a thousand armed Wackenhutt goons to lock down the capitol while he declares himself governor for life???  When all the police and security agencies, emergency services, the National Guard and the majority of the citizens of the state are all united against him.  It would never succeed, maybe the republicans are just playing God for the pure rush of it all before they get booted out of office in the recalls.  Either way it is insanity  and someone is going to end up getting hurt, hopefully it wont be an innocent bystander, ironically it might end up being one of the perpetrators of the violence.  Pray for peace, solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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