Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hey I will be the first to admit that I am technologically challenged.  Heck I still don't know how to post a link on this site, and I am coming up on posting #200.  Then again it seems it is blogspot itself that doesn't like to have links installed..........whatever.
Anyway I posted earlier about the facebook page created to create a positive dialogue between citizens and members of police agency's.  The above is the address to the page as it exists now, after having to scrap the page that I created yesterday.  Just wanted to let everyone know and avoid any confusion.
Reports coming back to me from the Capitol in Madison are still hard to believe.  The Koch brothers owned and operated GOP are stripping away all kinds of protection to the citizens, the environment, and the future of Wisconsin.  All the while they are passing legislation without discussion or compromise that gives them money, money, power and more money.
Constitutional rights of citizens on capitol property have been removed.  State troopers selected by Pappa Fitzgerald are now a small private army at the capitol building.  There is footage posted on youtube and elsewhere of troopers grabbing female students and groping them and tossing them to their trooper friends.  Democracy is falling apart and fast.
That is why I created the Cops Against Brutality page, to help organize and activate citizens and uniformed officers against this insanity.  Before the Wisconsin state capitol grounds start to look like the street's of Oakland, CA did last night.  I will be posting again later, just wanted to clarify the new facebook page for all of you good folks.  Peace and solidarity, we are almost there my sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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