Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trolls are proof I am doing something right

All the silly little right wing trolls have discovered my blog again.  Hooray ......I must be doing something right in my pursuit of the end of Scott Walker's regime if they are targeting me again.  Of course a lot of them are just sad little people who need attention and want to see their comments posted on something that receives international readership.  So I imagine it is defeating to them when I archive their comments to another site where our I.T. people track them down for future attention.  Maybe I will keep some of the more interesting one's around for the book version of this.

Anyway..........a cold fall day again here in Madison, WI.  So much is going on it is almost impossible to keep on top of each and every little development, but I will try my best for my readers.  Democrats have been calling attention this week to the amount of republicans in the legislature who are routinely drunk at all hours of the day while supposedly doing they're jobs.  This comes following the DWI arrest on Sunday of Randy Hopper, the disgraced former senator who was recently recalled.  Speaking of old Randy Hopper I could swear I saw him leaving the MLK entrance of the capitol today.  He (if it was him, sure looked like him) made a very quick disappearance though, wondering what he was doing there?  Trying to influence his court case already perhaps..........silly little guy, must still be drunk if he thinks that is going to work.

Also word is starting to get out that Hopper is under investigation now by the Federal Communications Commission for violation of some important federal laws.  Hopper owns four WI radio stations and is in direct violation of FCC laws and regulations for not having the stations manned as they are supposed to be.  You see all television and radio outlets must be manned by a technician at all times to administer to the Emergency Broadcast System, guess Hopper is putting money in front of humanity again, it's almost like he is still in office.

Yesterday and today in the capitol building, the tea party/republican controlled Joint Committee on Finance once again forced the illegal citing and removal of people from the audience for holding the Constitution of the United States and/or filming the public proceedings.  The people illegally removed and cited included my attorney and a university professor who was holding a copy of the court documents that protect such actions on the federal level.  Officers later related they knew what they were doing was illegal but say that they were forced into these actions by the republican committee members and the governors office.

Of course all of these charges will be dropped as they always are, by the district attorney's office.  They are very aware that the charges are illegal and would end up in a massive lawsuit that will cost the state millions in reparations for each and every count.  Right wingers just really hate the law and fear the constitution these days it seems.

Another very strong turnout at the solidarity sing-along today.  We were joined once again by visitors from across the nation and a large student group.  Also Legislator Spencer Coggs made a appearance as well.  Solidarity sing-along #200 is coming up soon here, and that will be a must attend event for sure.

Well that is about all for this moment folks.  Keep the faith brothers and sisters.  Please check out BoycottBogusWisconsinMedia on facebook.  Also remember to help save your own future by removing your money from the bank (if you use a bank) and placing it into a savings and loan instead.  This is not only in your best interests but will show your solidarity with the millions of occupiers in over a thousand cities all across the world.  Speaking of which Covington, Kentucky political non-entity Steve Frank put out a call for extreme violence against the Wall street occupiers.  He said that police should use 'taliban' technique's against them.  If you think this is as disgusting as I do feel free to contact the soon to be forcibly retired gentleman at  sfrank@covingtonky.gov

A special shout out to devoted West Coast reader Frogette, thanks again.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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