Saturday, October 15, 2011

Only bad little weasel's lie.........

........and Scott Walker is definitely bad, and he is definitely a weasel not a badger.  We here in the badger state  know the difference.  Well for all the bad things that Scott Walker has done it seems that his only testament to his character, the only thing he had left to say in his own defence, has been debunked.

As you should be aware the governor is at the center of a rather large federal investigation that seems to be spreading quickly throughout the entire Wisconsin state republican party.  After dodging and averting questions for weeks, Scott Walker finally held a press conference a little while ago.  At that time the only thing he could offer the public to attest to his innocence was this.  "I am a Christian, and I was an Eagle Scout, I can not lie."

So .....Scott Walker lied and cheated in college elections and was removed from office at that time.  He then quit college and ended up being the county executive for Milwaukee county.  While in office there he lied and was caught on multiple occasions which led to the current federal investigation.  The republican party of Milwaukee is now saying that Walkers policies drove the county into what will likely be bankruptcy and ultimately to failing to be able to pay the counties loans which will lead to more legal woe's for Walker.  He then acted illegally in his campaign for governor and that led to further federal investigations still ongoing.  As he was running for governor he also lied to his party, the GAB and the people.

Once in office he lied about the Budget Repair Bill handed to him by fellow psychotics, the Koch brothers.  Since then he has hindered the investigation into him by lying some more.  Then he gets attorney general J.B. VanHollen to lie to the fed and try to hinder the investigation some more.

So in conclusion readers everywhere, Scott Walker is a lying little weasel.  See you all on Monday with another posting.  OccupyMadison is still going strong.  We are gaining momentum and now have everything we need, including the votes to recall Walker.  Its just a matter of who will remove him from office first, us or the fed.  Hopefully I want to see the recall followed by his imprisonment, he could use a little quality time with Bubba.  He has been screwing us, time for some poetic justice.  Now lets see the little weasel lie his way out of that.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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