Monday, October 17, 2011

And its only mid-afternoon on a Monday

Woke up to a sunny yet extremely windy day here in Wisconsin's capitol.  Grabbed some coffee and headed out early, going to Middleton, a Madison suburb to witness the racism of Rep. Nass first hand. You see he did not want any students from the University of Wisconsin to be there.   He had scheduled today's meeting away from the capitol as he is a firm believer that college and university students should have no say in how institutions of higher learning should be run.  Well........actually he doesn't believe that professor's, educational system analyst's, dean's, provost's or regent's should be given a say in how schools are run.  Who does he think should make these important decisions...............why himself of course, and his good friends in the White Resistance Movement, the Klu Klux Klan and the American Hammer Party.

Nass (yup only one letter away) is vehemently opposed to non-Caucasians receiving education, being allowed to vote or hold elected office.  He plans to keep people of color, especially from middle or lower class families from attending college by going back nearly fifty years to a archaic enrollment test that was designed to be heavily slanted in favor of wealthy white applicants.  If you are a human being and do not agree with Nass's policies, please feel free to contact the tea party representative at:

or e-mail at

Unfortunately I didn't make it out to Middleton due to some mechanical issue's.  So I found myself on the familiar grounds of the capitol were I discovered that the Madison Police Department and the Dane County Sheriff's Department had formed a plan to cite occupiers and tear down OccupyMadison.  Myself and many others took quick action and brought that whole situation to a positive end.  Madison is occupied and we stand in solidarity with over 1,000 other cities and towns worldwide.  Viva La Revolution!!!!

As I was heading into our states Capitol I met up with some organizers associated with the national Anonymous movement and we had an interesting little chat on some future events that are tentatively being scheduled for the Midwestern United States.

Entering the Capitol it was evident that the GOP had been taking some heat over the weekend regarding their attempts to establish racism, hunting inside city limits, allowing for circumstantial sexual assault, banning contraception, ad nauseum - for the building was filled with relocated Police and Security officers.  Also a new group of state trooper's as well as the return of the DNR's conservation wardens.  All stood silent guard over retiree's, women and children as they had a very well attended solidarity sing-along today.  We were joined by guests from Vermont, Illinois and Oregon.

At the sing-along I had a great time discussing the future recalls of Scott Walker and many others here less than a month away.  We also discussed recently recalled Sen. Randy Hopper, who was arrested last night and taken into custody with the 23 year old girl he has been cheating on his wife with.  Apparently lots of people noticed his black sedan swerving all over the road which led to his arrest for OWI.

Afterwards I had a meeting with members of Mark Pocan's staff while upstairs in the Capitol, a student group opposed to many of the neo-con academic destruction agenda had a meeting and then marched down State st. to the Memorial Union for a rally.

Also happy birthday and rest in peace, our brother, Ben Masel who we tragically lost earlier this year.  He was a great human being and a superior organizer.

Also we are encouraging everyone who is able, to come on down to OccupyMadison, for one night, one week or whatever.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

Also it's good to keep up to date with your local government, so if you are in Dane county or the Madison area, the new Wisconsin State Blue Books are in and hot off the press.  See you representative or senators office to get your free copy.  This years featuring photo's of the protests and occupation of the state capitol building.............ahhh memories.

All this and it is only 2:00 in the afternoon, gotta go now as there is still plenty more to do.

On Wisconsin!    Forward!!!!

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