Monday, October 3, 2011

Perhaps I should have called him a "Quisling."

Democratic (?) Rep. Brett Hulsey has been giving the movement a lot of bad press lately here in Madison which is very curious to me.  At the beginning last winter/spring Hulsey was the 'radical' supporter of the protesters.  Know he claims that he has compiled a list of protesters and information on them individually.  Should we take that as a threat?  And what is up with all the negative press statements he has been dishing out?  Did the Koch brothers cut him a check?  No wonder I got ticked off at him and insulted his mother, now he is claiming harassment.  Maybe I should have called him a quisling instead, at least that way he would have no idea what it meant.
Speaking of bad press there is a whole lot of that too.  With plans to occupy dozens, maybe up to a hundred U.S. cities during the 'October Offensive' nationwide, and with many cities already occupied, the press barely mentions the huge events of the Wall st. and Washington D.C. occupations.  And so as previously posted here I with the help of others, have initiated for southern Wisconsin a massive mainstream media news boycott.  This will hit them in the ratings and their wallet's as we are also organizing people all over to contact the primary media sponsors and inform them that they are boycotted as well for supporting blatantly biased media.  Hopefully this will bring back at least a degree of neutrality and integrity to area news.  I encourage others, everywhere to do the same.  All the info is at
Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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