Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playing the Christ card.....or...... Scott Walker slaps down Christ.

I'm sure that my readers in the United States have encountered stories from different media sources regarding the decline of the number of citizens who identify as being religious.  Or perhaps more accurately more Americans are identifying as spiritual as opposed to religious.  And that is understandable after the political agenda of the Southern Baptist Convention was revealed, likewise with the horrific and ongoing scandals of the Roman Church and its support and protection of child molestation..

Likewise many more people are identifying themselves as being either Agnostic or Atheist.  Now I am ordained by my church as most of you likely don't know.  And I have no problems with agnosticism and/or atheism, many, many people lead very positive lives and are a benefit to their community just by the virtue of their character.  And by your character and your actions will you be known and judged in the eye's of the Creator.  From a more secular view point the percentage of felons who identify in American prisons is under 1%  Yet they are a far, far larger part of the population.

I have no problem with these folks.  One group of people I have a huge problem with are liars.  Especially  liars that because of their lies, make other people into scapegoats and just look very bad in general.
Scott Walker on Tuesday told a horrible and reprehensible lie and he not only made Christianity in general look bad, but all monotheism as well.  It does not matter if you follow the King James Bible, Eastern Orthodox Bible, the Koran, the Torah or the Coptic Bible.  Scott Walker made you look absolutely horrible in the eyes of the world.

How that came about I am about to explain.  As you know there is an ongoing federal investigation into Scott Walker and his campaign staff regarding voter fraud and illegal campaign activities.  On Tuesday of this week Governor Walker issued a press statement of an obviously false and facetious nature.  Besides denying knowing an investigation was going on ( he hired a disgraced former federal attorney as his defense counsel in November of 2010 in regards to this investigation) he also denied knowing that members of his staff back in April of this year were granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony.  Including his personal spokesman and media relations person Cullen Werwie.

And he tried to try and make himself look innocent (give me a break) by declaring that he was a former Eagle Scout and also, that he is a Christian.  The Eagle Scout thing I am not going to touch on here.  But his declaration of innocence due to his Christian status is outrageous.  Is anybody actually so ignorant as to believe that attending church either regularly or occasionally, makes you incapable of sin or wrongdoing?  Does that mean there is no such thing as a pedophile priest?  That ministers have never stolen or misappropriated funds from the parishioners of the parishes they look over?  But these are secondary issue's.

What is important is that Scott Walker stated that he is a christian.  I am sorry but that just can not be possible.  Christianity is based on the concept of love and charity, of kindness and concern for the entirety of the human race, regardless of faith status, nationality or any other division.  Christianity is about forgiveness and thoughtfulness, introspection and commitment to self improvement as we are all flawed vessels and also that we are ALL EQUAL in the eyes of our creator.

Scott Walker by his actions and by his agenda obviously does not believe that we are all equal.  By his legislative agenda he has stated his belief that minorities are lesser beings than himself, that non-Americans are lesser beings than himself.

Scott Walker by his legislation that he pushed onto the republican party on behalf of ALEC and the Koch brothers does not believe in compassion.  He is intentionally hurting the poor the weak and the afflicted.  He is doing this for personal gain through kickbacks from the corporations he is financially strengthening to the detriment of the citizenry.

You can not force senior citizens to choose between needed medications and having food to eat and claim to be compassionate.  Especially when you are blatantly doing it for personal gain and profit.

You can not allow lethal weapons to be carried openly and claim to have christian concern for the well being of all peoples.  In short you can not, absolutely can not inflict poverty and disease and all forms of suffering and ugliness upon people and be a God fearing christian.  You can not cause suffering and inevitable early death of human beings and be a God fearing christian.

You can only do these things if you have no belief in a benevolent creator.  You can only do these things if you have no fear of divine retribution.  You can only do these things if in your heart of hearts, you are absolutely convinced that their is no afterlife, no judgement, no punishment for transgressions and sins committed in the name of self glorification and personal gain.

Once again atheists and agnostics are not bad people based on faith, statistically they are the best citizens.  But a person like Walker without any human compassion, without any feeling or emotion, with no fear of God or the laws of man is a bad person.  An extremely bad person beyond my ability to put into words.

And for him to play the Christ card, to claim deniability for the actions he has taken, is reprehensible.  It is horrific and cowardly in the extreme to take these actions as he has, and then hide behind the holy cross.  All this does is inflict his sins onto the members of the monotheistic faiths.  The Muslims and the Christians and the  Jewish community have done nothing to deserve to have Scott Walkers sins and the blame for them, placed upon their shoulder's, shoulder's already weary from terrorism, from molestation scandals, from the politics of nations.

The eyes of the state, the nation and the world are on leaders like Walker during these very troubled times.  And the faithful are dedicated to improving these very real concerns, to improving the human experience.  To alleviating the suffering of others that leads us down the wrong path.

I believe that the Divine created Scott Walker to test the faith and strength of the people.  Scott Walker I see you as a plague or a flood or other such large sweeping disaster.  We are improved through challenges and trials.  I accept and understand that.  I will pray for your salvation Mr. Walker, but I can not forgive you for your endless multitude of transgressions.  I will pray that I someday can forgive you, regardless of what you cause to happen.

In the words of Christ "that which you do unto the least of my brothers, that you do onto me"  These words fall on your deaf ears Governor.  Scott Walker you are not a Christian and you should never claim that you are again.  Not until you realize what a Christian is and should be.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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