Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scott Walker created his first job in Wisconsin

A lovely sunny fall day here in Madison, the capitol of Wisconsin.  For those of my readers outside of the United States Wisconsin is the big green space north of the city of Chicago.  Once again a strong and very vigorous crowd at the solidarity sing-along.  Everyone here is happy as we gear up for 'Fighting Bob Fest" starting with a kick off show at the Barrymore Theatre tomorrow night.
For those of you who don't know the festival is named after Robert "Fighting Bob" LaFollette, former governor of Wisconsin back in the day and the creator of the Progressive party.  The progressives did more good for this state in a week than the democrats could do in a year.  Today the LaFollete family is still represented by Douglas LaFollette who is now and will be, the last secretary of state for Wisconsin.  Scott Walker eliminated the entire office of the secretary of state as a personal attack on the LaFollette family who fought for years to help people in need.  to create jobs with fair pay and safe practices, to level the playing field in general for the great citizens of the badger state.
Walker of course hates and despises all such notions as a radical right wing corporate tool.  People often ask me where does all his hatred and spite come from.  The answer is a simple one, Scott Walker fits the psychological profile of a psychopath, that being a person without conscience or emotion who is free to behave without the burden of ethics or morality.  But that is the subject of a future posting.
Speaking of Scott Walker it seems our radical governor after promising to add a quarter of a million jobs to the state, and then causing us to lose over 30,000 positions, has created his first job.  The lucky recipient of this position is none other than former U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic, that might be pronounced 'bisquick' I'm not entirely certain.  Bisquick is what came up on the spell check under his name.  Mr Biskupic is a very busy man indeed in his new position as defense attorney for Scott Walker.  It seems that Walkers past is catching up to him rather quickly this week.  Apparently our governor in his previous position as Milwaukee county executive, hired some cronies of his and paid them with tax dollars, to work on his campaign illegally and that was their only job.  Told you he has no moral or ethical cognizance.
Anyway yesterday the F.B.I. raided the Madison home of his Walkers former chief executive and confiscated materials and computers from her home.  The former chief staffer Cynthia Archer is the third person involved in the 'John Doe' investigation of Walkers campaign practices so far.  For over six months now thousands and thousands of us have worked tirelessly against the inhuman radical agenda of Scott Walker and we are on the brink of recalling him and lieutenant governor Rebecca Kleefisch.  And now it seems if this investigation continues on the logical path up to Walker he will be removed from office by the fed before we can even recall the soon to be, state's first one year governor.  Well as long as he is gone I suppose we will all still be overwhelmed with joy.
Of course there is the small possibility that some extreme promises will be made clandestinely to the other defendants, and they will perjure themselves to defend Walker.  That would take some very serious money and I don't see how it can be funnelled to them at some future time without attracting notice.
Anyway that's the news from the capitol today, we are all anxiously waiting for further information and details to be made available to us.  Insiders in Madison are cautiously stating that Walker is likely to be politically doomed for life by the end of this year.  Lets all pray that they are correct.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogetteca said...

Hello Again. Still lots of catching up to do, and I see you have added a couple long posts since I stopped by. I saw you on Twitter tonight and said "Hello" and I don't know if you caught it. If you click on "Home" and then click on @mentions, you will see my message to you! Welcome to #wiunion - It's nice to see you there! :) Something wonderful happened in my Twitter story yesterday. @bluechedder1 followed me! She was the first "peep" I followed. I followed her first because she is a great source of information about what is happening in Wisconsin activism. Another fantastic source of information is @Progress2day, and we follow one another, and (she?)is a very nice person. In celebration, I am changing my name to my Twitter name. There are several frogettes, but I am the only frogette from California that came to hungryguymadison and #wiunion in Solidarity that I know of. SOLIDARITY and Social Media Madison!

frogetteca said...

Miles sure is a gutsy one. At first it would seem almost stupid to pour beer on a state representative like Vos. However, @bluechedder1 pointed out tonight, when the Capitol cops beat up people who film as an act of civil disobedience (it is NOT illegal to film or photograph a public meeting) there is NO media coverage. But when Miles pours beer on Vos, it makes headlines big time. Either he is on to something or he is out of his mind. We'll see how this plays out. I get the feeling those in the Wisconsin Movement liked it, and I think I do too. YOUR CAPITOL & YOUR HOUSE MADISON!