Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The last thing they want you to know

The last thing the Koch brothers, their tools & fools like Scott Walker, and the GOP want you to know is the difference between possession and control.  And they are definately terrified of you good folks out their ever learning the definition of control.  They refuse to even let their tea party stooges know this for fear of their own destruction.  So of course, I am going to tell it to you.

Possession is a tricky word, basically it means 'ownership' or 'to possess' but this is tricky because as the Koch brothers and the GOP have taught us things can be removed from your possession or anybody else's.  The republicans in the capitol building during the last legislative session possessed memo's and note's and advance copies of the legislation that they inteded to pass.  They left some of these materials in a place where a investigative private citizen, perhaps like myself, could find it.  These materials previously in GOP possession were transferred to said citizens possession and subsequently were then transferred to the media and others possession.

Possession is a very tricky and somewhat abstract concept that has primarilly worked so far out of a general mass-social regard for the concept of possession.  But as we have seen things that we formerly possessed like the right to vote, freedom of speech, and open government can be taken and we no longer possess them.  Likewise out of respect for democracy, freedom, peace and prosperity some things formerly possessed by the right wing is now in our, that is, the peoples possession.

Possession is fleeting and fairly easy to manipulate, it is not very solid and has little realistic grounding in nature.  Or as you may have heard from watching old police shows or perhaps the old movie 'The Exorcist' is that 'possession is 9/10's of the law'  And law is a tricky concept itself.

Now control is a much more easy to understand and solid concept to work with.  Control is something solid and secure.  It is easily understood my the masses and has a solid foundation in nature.  People can lie to you about what control's definition is (the GOP again) but they can never change the fundamental nature of 'control
' and therein lies the terror that stabs at the heart of right wing radicals.

Control of something, or of anything can be either an individual or a group thing.  For instance here in Wisconsin, Scott Walker considers himself in control of the state and all its people.  The Kock brothers are in control of the governor and the lieutenant governor.  That is they have control until all of us are on the same page as to what control is by definition.  We are allowing the Koch's, Walker and their like to control Wisconsin because we are not fully and completly aware of what control is and how it works.  Once we all have that information we will immediately realize that 'they' have absolutely zero, 0, zilch control over anything here.  We will realize that it is 'we' who have full and total control of the grand and glorious badger state.
And here is how it works people, please think upon this very seriously for everything you love and believe in and hope for hinges on this. ................

CONTROL OF SOMETHING, OF ANYTHING IS, BASED UPON THE ABILITY TO DESTROY THAT THING!!!!!  It is just that simple sisters and brothers.  The computer I am typing on now is the possession of someone other than myself.  Yet I control this computer right now because I have the ability to pick it up and toss it into a bathtub full of water and destroy it.  I have all the control, the 'possessor' has none at this moment.  I of course wouldnt do that as I appreciate the use of this machine and have no desire to see my friends possession damaged and  no rational reason to destroy this machine.


All of which at this time are enemies of the people of the state of Wisconsin.......well 97% of us anyway.  But we are the one's who have total and complete control of this state.  At any time of our choosing we could destroy any and/or all of the above and rebuild with something of use and purpose to the citizenry.  We could not be stopped, we would receive no retribution because we have all the control and they have no tools to deal out retribution with.  We are the workers, the thinkers, the doers, the planners, the muscle and mind and heart THAT IS WISCONSIN.  They are nothing, we are everything.
Minutes after posting this blog it will be read by tools of Walker in the GEFCO 2 building and word will be sent to Walkers office.  As Walker knows he has no control of the National Guard, the police, the firefighters, the paramedics, the citizens of this state, he does exert some small amount of control around his person with the personal security he pays for (with our tax money) to the Wackenhutt Corporation.  Those goons, if there are enough of them, may be able to exert some small amount of control over me as a person inside the capitol building, but that is all that they control.  So if these posts stop coming and I am not seen around the capitol you will know that a small amount of control has been exerted over me.  Just like twenty goons could control me by the ability to destroy me, the millions of Wisconsin citizens could at any time take control of the capitol building, elected officials, even the evil Scott Walker himself.  He could be tarred and feathered and run out of state on a rail anytime you good people decide to exert YOUR CONTROL.

But you, all of you readers and all the citizens of Wisconsin have the real control, the firm and unshakable control over your home state, your lives and your childrens futures.  Dont believe any lies from the talking heads or the rradical right.  You are in power, you will  dictate what happens in our fair state and likewise nationwide because you are in control.  Consider yourselves empowered.  Solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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