Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's payback time

Lots of good things going on in Madison today, too bad I wasn't there to see it though.  The postal workers held a really good rally today amongst other things.  And a group left Madison today to stand in solidarity on Wall street.  In case you don't remember I am touring the state right now, helping organize efforts and digging up dirt and even more dirt on the likes of Fitzgerald, Nass and others.

As I travel across this beloved state of mine I am touched and proud of the strength and solidarity of the multitudes united against the extreme radical agenda he is pushing on behalf of his corporate masters.  It is awesome to speak with so many informed and effective people.  I am truly having a great time.
And then I turn on my computer and I am shocked and appalled by the unwarranted brutality of the NYPD.  Anthony Bologna, Tony Baloney, how can that be a real name, sounds more like some attempt at stereotypical humor.  Officers like him are the reason when I was younger that I followed bands like M.D.C. , and the crucifucks who demonized cops.  About the only good thing I have heard coming from New York lately is the fact that dozens and dozens of good New York officers that have been calling in sick with the 'blue flu' in solidarity with protesters and making their own protest against the brutality.

So in solidarity with New York which has shown solidarity with Wisconsin since the beginning, I am dedicating the rest of this post to those wonderful protesters and listing sites where you can go to get more information on what is really happening and how you can help.

On Facebook check out the page - The People's Bailout

On Twitter check out - #occupynewyork

To donate to the protesters by providing them with food while they hold they're ground to protect all of us from corporate imperialism please go to   www.delivery.com
then create an account
enter address 146   2 Ave , New York, New York 10003
click on   Village Farm Grocery
choose items and add to cart
enter payment information
in the delivery section type in   Occupy Wall street  New York, New York 10006
insert "ground" for unit
insert *Tiffany Pl* for cross street
insert 212-475-7521 for phone

thank you in advance to all of you who can give to the cause.  There are now strikes and occupations in over 30 major U.S. cities.  It is a class war, and we will win.

On Wisconsin, On New York!    FORWARD!!!!

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