Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reflections on Labor Day weekend.

Very busy weekend here not only at the state capitol in Madison but across Wisconsin as well.  It seems that many folks across the badger state began to remember what the true meaning of labor day really is.  Turnout here in Madtown was great as thousands met and gathered and celebrated at the labor temple on the cities west side.
Local Dem's and labor leaders could be found in  plenty to meet and greet and discuss the issue's of the day.  Much of the talk of course was about the economy and the first step to fixing that here in Wisconsin is of course the recall of governor Scott Walker.  I was surprised that my paranoid little mind didn't come up with this earlier but nonetheless, I am grateful that some folks pointed out to me the importance of simultaneously recalling our lieutenant governor as well as Walker.
Usually I have become fairly adapt at anticipating the dirty tricks being employed politically by the radical right but Lt. governor Klefisch slipped my mind completely.  I had failed to realize what governor Walker would do  to retain his power.  And by his power I guess what I really meant was the socio-economic base of his controllers power structure.   But as a loyal tool of ALEC and the Koch brothers he has the option, and I am sure it was presented to him, of sabotaging a recall of himself by abdicating his seat and allowing the Lt. governor to take over.
By allowing the talking head former news anchor (I cant bear to think of her as a journalist) to take over the governors seat, we would be forced to wait an entire year after she takes over to recall her.  Thus ensuring that the GOP/tea party would have another year to destroy private unions, further weaken health care and schools, destroy the minimum wage and child labor laws before we could take to the polls again.
Please discuss this real possibility with the folks that you discuss politics with to help spread the word about what could otherwise become a devastating loss to Wisconsin and America.
Knowledge is power folks and that is why the radical right wants to keep us dumb and complacent, fed a steady diet of sit-coms and sound bites to keep us from defending ourselves and our children's future's.
We are looking stronger than ever here and still gaining momentum against Walker as we head closer and closer to the recall election.  A big shout out to Tom Morello and the Justice Tour that I was lucky enough to attend at the Barrymore theatre last night.
Also we are starting to make some significant headway here with the Department of Administration and with the Government Accountability Board here regarding investigation into what absolutely appears to be nothing less than sanctioned voter fraud here in recent elections.  Slowly but surely we are breaking through the secretive dark curtain that the right wings loves to work behind in secrecy.
It would be really great to get the Beastie Boys or the full Rage Against the Machine line-up here.  I am still facing multiple computer related issue's here and will have trouble posting to all you folks for the short term.  I am doing everything I can to deal with this.  Keep up the good fight, solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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