Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And Wisconsin is gearing up............again

Tension is in the air as the badger state prepares for the return of the legislature next week after their extended summer break.  Kind of interesting isn't it that the republicans (tea party, same thing) in the legislature call us folks making 20k to 30k a year with one maybe two weeks of vacation annually at best, 'overly prosperous' and we need to lose half our salaries and have our benefits cut.  Simultaneously they feel fine making five or ten times our pay, have top notch benefits for life after putting in a few years on the job, and still feel they are justified in taking 1/3 of the year off after all that hard working looking for contributions and writing off $500 lunches..

I bet their staff members who actually do all the work are proud of their determined hard working bosses.  Okay in all honesty I don't see how they could possibly put up with all that hypocrisy an a daily basis.  It is one thing to deal with it in protest at the capitol, it must be quite another indeed to have your hands elbow deep in all that socio-political manure on a daily basis.

We celebrated solidarity singalong # 151 today and the turnout was excellent.  We were joined briefly by senator Wirch who is a fine outstanding representative for Wisconsin.  Also we had more international visitors today standing with us in solidarity.  They were in Madison from the nations of Holland and Norway.
Of course we are still receiving just a ton of support both nationally and internationally as people of mindfulness and character realize the importance of what we are dealing with here in our fight against a radical far right wing agenda, and all the dirty tricks that come with it.  We appreciate very deeply the support these good folks have extended to us and will never forget their contributions and solidarity.

Earlier today representative Mark Pocan announced what we have all been waiting for, that he will officially run to replace Tammy Baldwin as she runs for the seat formerly held by retiring senator Herb Kohl of Milwaukee.  Good luck to both Tammy and Mark and given the momentum we have achieved in Wisconsin I expect them to both march on to victory.  Which brings up something I having been thinking about for awhile and will now un-officially announce  'Schauenburg for Assembly' ............what do you folks think about that.  The odds look pretty good for me even with redistricting, and I have some name recognition around here, plus the promise of several key endorsements.  Plus the fact that I spend all my time around the capitol anyway as well as my track record of being willing to slowly and horribly die for the proud citizens of Wisconsin should prove my dedication to citizens rights and a truly representative democracy.  I would be honored to follow in Pocans place and will try with all my heart to follow the example that he had set forth in his time in office.

In peace and solidarity folks, keep up the momentum, our time is coming.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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