Friday, September 16, 2011

Media brutality and police bias

Or is it police brutality and media bias?  We have been dealing with both here in Madison this week which is somewhat of a surprise to many of us.  As previously mentioned on this blog the tea party showed up to disrupt a solidarity sing-along earlier this week.  Given the violent and hateful nature of the tea party extra police officers were brought to the capitol to deal with these extremists.  After the tools and fools left though, the extra officers were still stationed at the capitol for the rest of their shift.  These extra officers were of course hand selected volunteer State Patrol officers who are very loyal to pappa Fitzgerald and soon to be removed governor Scott Walker.  Can you smell the trouble brewing already?

Later that same afternoon many people were attending the assembly session from the viewing gallery.  The event was broadcast on WisconsinEye and a large group of media personal were also in attendance.  Now some of the ladies and gentlemen in the gallery also had camera's or camera phones with them and were recording the session as well.  Republicans on the assembly floor noticed that folks in the gallery had camera's and ordered the troopers into action. The troopers rushed in with brutal results causing serious injury to multiple parties who more than likely would never have considered physically resisting these large armed men with an agenda.

One individual who I will not name was approached my a trooper who told him camera's were not allowed.  This person then told the officer what the officer should have already known, that the constitution can not be trumped in any public or government building and that the law blatantly and clearly states that such activity is legal and fully protected by the law.  The trooper then grabbed and smashed the camera out of the citizens hands before grabbing him by the neck and slamming his face into the seats in front of the citizen.

Luckily there were also human beings in uniform in the gallery at this time.  The brave women and men of the Capitol Police and Security force who jumped in to rescue the innocent citizen from Walkers personal goon squad member.  Although the outcome could have been worse the damage was already done, property destroyed, innocent civilians had to receive emergency medical care, and faith in our American way of life was permanently altered.

Which of course led to yesterday evenings media circus.  Reporters and staff from all over south central Wisconsin were at the courthouse in Madison to cover the big story.  The big story of course angry protester spilled a beer on republican Robin Vos.  Yes the reporters were shoving and clubbing each other and pushing citizens around in a animalistic display of savagery in an attempt to get footage of someone who poured beer on somebody.  We of course berated the crap out of the highly compromised, some would say bought and paid for, main stream media.  This circus like, frenzied behaviour over a beer spilling incident while zero, zilch, no attention is paid to deliberate and organized politically based displays of police brutality.

Earlier today I was watching footage of a soccer game in what I believe was Spain.  A fan with a sign during a break in the game ran across the field to attract attention to some cause or other.  Four police officers took the man to the ground and began to torturously beat him with fist and batons in front of thousands of spectators.  The good citizens could not sit idly by while this happened, they took to the field where they proceeded to grab the officers and throw them to the ground.  They then basically had the living snot kicked out of them by the outraged people.

It is terrible that the original person with the sign was brutalized by police.  It is terrible that the police were then brutalized in return by the crowd.  But what were those officers thinking?  What were the state troopers at the capitol thinking?  That they were gods or governments onto themselves, untouchable and beyond any human reproach?  The reports issued after Mondays trooper brutality in Madison includes the names and badge numbers of the troopers responsible. I will pray nobody is killed or seriously injured.  I will pray that this never happens again.  I will pray that people see the folly of such activities, but I don't know if I will be able to pray for the safety and health of those who initiated these terrible events.  Like all other people on Earth, I am a flawed vessel and subject to all sorts of shortcomings.  Apparently at some level I may be no better than the troopers who perpetuated this outrage.  At least I'm smarter than the media and have my priorities all in order.  Peace and solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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