Monday, September 19, 2011

What media???

A quiet and sunny day in Madison after another exciting weekend.  Last Friday night we kicked off the 'Fighting Bob" festival at the Barrymore theater.  Festivities began with the pipe and drum corps of the Madison firefighters local 311.  A long list of speakers including Jim Hightower, John Nichols fired up the crowd and then at the end key note speaker David Kucinich really blew the roof of the place.  For those of you who could not be there be sure to look for the footage on 
A long day Saturday at the festival.  My guess would be around nine or ten thousand people attending from all around the Midwestern United States.  David Obey gave a very rousing talk and unless something changes soon he will be my favorite candidate for governor to replace Scott Walker at the end of his political career.  The F.B.I. is all over his campaign and his legal bills defending himself already are closing in on $70,000 or more at this point.
Not that you would here about this from the media either in Wisconsin or elsewhere.  Last week a 'special volunteer force' of state troopers created by papa Fitzgerald came to the capitol supposedly to guard the solidarity singers from the tea party, but actually were there to break the skulls of protesters.  Four people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries including two young girls.  The media refused to cover this at all under GOP guidelines.  The story they ran instead and covered ad nauseum all week long dealt with a beer being spilled on a member of the republican party at a bar downtown.
The obvious and blatant bias of the media has been a constant challenge and concern across the state of Wisconsin and in fact, the entire nation lately.  That is why I am now organising a month long boycott of all four Madison area television local news channels throughout October.  We will not only be initiating large scale media boycotts but also taking the word to their primary commercial sponsors and pressuring them as well through monetary boycott to effect a return of a least a slight modicum of integrity to local television journalism.
Later this week I will be posting on how all news crews basically now have to swear an oath of allegiance to governor Scott Walker to be allowed to cover events at the capitol.  I hate to bring it up but some other despot years ago named Adolph something or other did exactly the same thing.  More on that this week though folks as I am going to be releasing the full story on that through first.  So until then sisters and brothers, keep up the good fight.  We will win, unless the FBI beats us to it that is.  Either way though a Walker free Wisconsin is what we must have.  Solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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