Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday morning coming down..............

.................which can only mean one thing, the legislature is back in session.  Recently Scott Walker tried being duplicitous once again by calling on the need for bi-partisanship and compromise with the legislator's.  This was not because of fear from the recent democrat recall victories and subsequent neo-con losses.  Rather it was another attempt at what he had tried previously which was to try and calm people down and lower their guard before he rams through more harmful at best, new legislation.
Of course the governor doesn't draft the new proposals and laws.  The governor receives the basic template of the legislation from ALEC as funneled through a Milwaukee law firm.  With template in hand the governor then confers with his top people who take the information and deliver it to key neo-con's in the assembly and the senate who then have their aids prepare the proposals.  Nothing homegrown, locally produced, grassroots about it.  Our legislation in Wisconsin at this point in time is mailed in from the east coast.
And thus here we are at the end of the summer break preparing to report on these new senate and assembly bills and proposals.  Trying to spread the word to the citizens of the state of what they stand to lose as mainstream media sources are clearly compromised by the power's within the right wing's radical minority.  Occupation, demonstrations, shenanigans and rallies are all possibilities in the near future as we wait with baited breath to see what dirty tricks they have prepared for us.  But be of strong heart folks, the truth will set you free, and we are busy getting the truth out to all of you good folks.  Until later ..........solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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