Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm back

Was outside of Madison last week doing my usual organizing and networking.  It seems that things are getting really hot in Madison over civil liberties in the assembly and senate galleries.  The GOP keeps instructing officers to remove people from the sessions stating that they have no constitutional rights inside the respective galleries.  Lawyers and protesters are saying that the constitution of the United States is valid and can not be ignored except under a federal executive order declaring martial law.

Of course the right wing hates the constitution and will do anything to defame that document.  There are two groups here that I feel very badly about.  The first group is comprised of protesters.  Especially one's like Thi Li, Jeremy Ryan, Jason Huberty as well as C.J. and Damon Terrell.  Time and again these fine young people have been arrested trying to protect the constitutional rights of all citizens.  All the while the conservative media, like Clay Barbour of the Wisconsin State Journal, have been publishing half-truths and outright lies about these protesters.

Just today Jeremy Ryan, Jim Mueller and others were in court yet again, this time for bail jumping.  Since the previous decision of the court stated that the charges brought against them were false and thus invalid, likewise today the judge had to dismiss the new charges against them stemming from the old fake charges against them.

Most likely the morning edition of the State Journal will include another article by a journalist like Clay Barbour accusing the courts of liberal bias for following the letter of the law.  Right wingers like Barbour apparently have no respect for the law whatsoever, I am surprised they don't burst into flames just mentioning the word 'law' or 'constitution'

And why are these people still being arrested?  Well their are two police forces involved in the arrests at the capitol.  A group of State Troopers are at the capitol, intentionally and illegally placed there by Poppa Fitzy, even though Troopers are not allowed to:

Be deployed to civil protests.
Take part in labor disputes aka collective bargaining.
Operate at the state Capitol building as written in their charter.

But once again, the right wing sure has a lot of contempt for the law when it prevents them from acting like little pompous dictator's.  The Capitol Police and Security force is walking a very fine line indeed.  I do not envy them for the position they are stuck in.  If they arrest and cite the protesters they are called out for taking part in illegal arrests.  If they outright refuse to take some action against the protesters they will be dis-banded, terminated without benefits, and replaced by Wackenhutt private security goons.  And then we will have violence in the building.  More than likely there would be a death, it seems to follow Wackenhutt.  That is why I created the Police Against Brutality page on facebook.  To try and create a positive change in relationship's between citizens and the police.  Several state and even one federal officer will be taking part in the discussions this week.

These are very dangerous times at the capitol in Madison.  Especially because tomorrow the carrying of concealed weapons inside the building will go into effect.  The right wing pushed hard to allow weapons into the building before the recall elections could start.  Very dark and complex times indeed.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!

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