Friday, June 3, 2011

Good bye frying pan.........and helloo fire

Just got out of court a little while ago after pleading not guilty to the horrible crime of holding a copy of the United States Constitution inside the state capitol building.  As anyone who has seen the YouTube, FaceBook or WisEye coverage of yesterdays long delayed meeting of the Joint Committee on Finance knows there was some differences of opinion expressed from within the ranks of the protesters.
At first I was a little bit flustered by the folks who were saying that quietly observing events and waiting for the upcoming recall elections is the only route to follow to save Wisconsin, after spending 100+ days in a row dealing with the situation here I at first didn't want to hear from someone who shows up every other month for a few hours to explain to me what is happening at the capitol.  Wow that was a run-on sentence.  No Pulitzer for my I'm afraid. 
Anyway it was not quiet and polite action far short of civil disobedience that has won us the victories that now put us within striking distance of reclaiming the Senate and setting up the Gubernatorial recall.  It has been those who have relentlessly pursued the protection of our rights that have put the pressure on officials to stand up for whats right.  Now I have always said that this is a huge movement and that there is plenty of room for all kinds of people with different thoughts, tactics, and skill sets to get involved in retaking Wisconsin for its citizenry.
And I applaud those who are quietly maintaining awareness of what is going on and are patiently awaiting the recall elections.  I am quietly optimistic that the recall elections will not be subverted by fraud and deception.  But in the halls of the capitol that is all you hear from the GOP, how they will flood the airwaves with false and mis-leading campaign ads to muddy the waters, keep minority and fringe voters away from the polls.  I can only imagine what they say behind closed doors about committing another full blown act of voter fraud like we saw happen three times now in Waukesha.
If that happens again, and it is quite likely and they steal the elections, than all the nay-sayers of folks like myself and Jeremy Ryan are going to be changing their tune somewhat as Jeremy's lawsuit centered around violations of the states open meetings laws will be the only thing left under the sun protecting them from the corporate evil of Scotty Walker and his masters out east.
So to you nay-sayers please remember, and I remind our folks of this too, we are all together in this.  We may not always agree on all the details and tactics and methodology involved in the current political/fiscal fiasco, but there is room for all kinds here to do what they can.  To do what their hearts tell them to do to save the great state of Wisconsin from the GOP's class warfare.
And with that said I leave the court room behind and head to the Joint Committee on Finance to do what I feel I should be doing for Wisconsin.  In solidarity my sisters and brothers.  Until next time.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!


frogette said...

JR - I found your 7.5 minute June 4 video in a Google search. I liked it. Could someone tweet it to #wiunion?

frogette said...

Sweet! Someone tweeted JR's video, it's on the essential protest news - and the avatar is a frog! Peace, Madison: "Please remember this is a peaceful protest."

Anonymous said...

Tweeted end of day two of Walkerville: Goodnight tweeps. Be good to one another. We are here to build each other up, not tear one another down. Much peace and more love. #wiunion


frogette said...

June 6, 2011. OMG. This has been the most intense day of public demonstration in Madison since February and March. Do you think it will be on my local news tonight? I looked at a video by "Anonymous" today, here is a quote out of the thought-provoking message of the video - "THE REVOLUTION MUST BE TELEVISED". I absolutely agree. I clicked a link on a #wiunion tweet today that took me straight to a Google search of "Wisconsin Protests". Guess what was at the top of the page?: "GOP wants "protest" canidates in recalls". Who is protesting? #wiunion or the GOP? You, the people of Madison, are protesting against the GOP and their agenda. By the way, who are the cops in the capitol who are arresting people at random for no reason at all? I know that the police are friends and supporters of the people of Wisconsin. Does this mean the police force in the capitol are other people? Finally, am I watching our freedoms being taken away from us right before my eyes? Last night it was the latest in the takeover by EMF Harris in Benton Harbor, and today it's the supreme court in Madison. Now that Walkerville is up and running, what do you think of all this, Matt? KEEP SAFE, You are in my prayers. Peace, Madison.