Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tales of the cake, and those who cant eat it too

Well today was certainly interesting here in Madison a.k.a. ground zero of America's struggle between 97% percent of her hard working and industrious citizens and the 3% of her overly prosperous citizens who would do anything they can to take what little we have left for ourselves.

Clouds and scattered rain overshadowed our beautiful and beloved state Capitol building, 'our house' as we prefer to call it.  I attended the Solidarity SingAlong, the daily peaceful gathering of songsters in opposition to the social engineering of Scotty Walker and was amazed by the number of decent folks who turned out today after yesterdays republican/tea party attack led by former Senator Dave Zein. 

Apparently loyal and caring Wisconsinite's still believe in strength in numbers even if our peaceful nature means that we can only observe and report on continued violence and atrocities committed by the right wing zealots.  The voices of the singers rang throughout the capitol louder than ever and the experience was very touching indeed.  I spent most of my time conversing with officers and keeping an eye out for more typical right wing behaviour such as having six foot tall two hundred and twenty pound men assault women and children and disgracing our house.

Afterwards I spent a couple of hours (and several cups of coffee, gotta love Michelangelo's on State st) doing some research and a little writing.  Afterwards it was time for the party at the Department of Administration building.  Quick reminder folks the Dept. of Admin. led by Mike Huebsch is the office responsible for blocking of access to the capitol building and having toddlers searched and wanded to enter.  The metal detectors were gone today as were the dozens and dozens of hand picked State Troopers who were brought in to intimidate protesters.

We arrived at the D.O.A. office at 4:30, right before closing time at 5, hoping that people at the end of their day would like a little party and camaraderie.  We brought cake's and cotton candy and went to Huebsch's office to offer him some.  We thought it was justifiable to celebrate and share with him since we can now freely access the capitol building and an added bonus, the D.O.A. is now just barely in contempt of court over the same issue.

Apparently Mr. Huebsch was not quite so happy as we were about these new conditions as he wouldn't even come out to have cake and cotton candy with us.  His secretary was very nice to us though and we left some goodies with her in case her boss later changed his mind.

I then returned to the capitol to meet with my friend Hallis who is now on day 7 of his hunger strike.  I was not very surprised to discover that he had been joined in solidarity by our friend Will who is now on day 2 of his hunger strike.  And now I am here typing this out at the central library (I'm having laptop issues) and from here I will spend tonight with the hunger strikers on the state Capitol square.

That is all for now gentle readers, I will be back with you tomorrow with another posting or two.  Sleep well Wisconsin for the badger state and democracy itself will require your efforts again tomorrow.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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