Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The easiest post to write ever

I know that despite all the communication and explaining in the last week that some folks were still apparently surprised today when the Wisconsin Supreme Court overruled Judge Sumi's court decision.  It was to be expected from the Supreme Court given it's make up and the fact that this was a political decision.

A make or break decision as part of a complete and total power grab to subvert and socially engineer the most powerful nation on Earth.  The kind of decision that guarantee's either money and fortune or reverence and respect, so there you have it in a nutshell folks.

Also I would like to say that you should once again disregard the reports you may be hearing regarding estimated crowd size at today's demonstration.  The police are not releasing a estimate and the mainstream media is doing what it's paid to do again.  If you were not lucky enough to make it today in person either listen to estimates from somebody who was, or if you trust me and I'm used to working with concert sized crowds there was no less than 5,000 there at the peak of attendance.  That's not including the people inside.  That is a lot of working folks to come out from all over the state on a Tuesday.
And as with all other clouds this one too has a silver lining.  And that being the very surprise announcement that Chancellor Biddy Martin of U.W. Madison announced her resignation this afternoon.  She was under pressure because of her support for the deal proposed by Scotty Walker to separate and privatize the flagship school of the U.W. system. 
She will be going down a few notches (no offense) to take over tiny Amherst College now.  So here we are my sisters and brothers.  Some good news and some not so good news.  It's the closing of another beautiful day here in Madison/Walkerville and the fight continues.
Also the Democrats are swearing to fight like the dickens to re-fund our schools.  You got to love that.  So on that uplifting note I say good night to you all, and two more things.......

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD   !!!!


frogette said...

"Pink-Slip Man Calls On Walker Sympathetic "Journalist". So this organization produces video clips to make the protestors look bad, and a #wiunion troll posted the video: "Guy in Pink Dress Accosts MacgIver Intern (graphic language)". It was supposed to make #wiunion look bad, but the dude went after the camera guy with attitude (not violently), and said something to the effect of. "I know you are out here to make us look bad. Right on. Thumbs up for "Pink Slip Man". Peace, Madison

frogette said...

...and a Macgiver or Fox "journalist" in a protest rally is a dangerous, or perhaps more so than an implanted instigator, because they can produce negative, distorted, and untrue propaganda hurting the cause they claim to cover with impartiality. I wish Maddow did a story on these "media". Peace, Madison.