Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Does God hate Republican senators?

Of course God doesn't hate any of God's creations.  But a lot of conservatives like to claim that God is full of hate and leads a spiteful existence much like the repug's and tea party fools do.  But for the sake of getting along with and trying to communicate meaningfully with a republican state senator today I played along with the concept of a hateful God.
I was in the rotunda earlier today for the solidarity sing-along.  Which is about the most peaceful demonstration you could ever imagine seeing in your life.  If I had to create a stereotype of the typical singer it would basically comprise this image.  Female ,age 44, occupation retired teacher, criminal record - none.

So today when the sing along was in progress and I saw an older gentleman in a wheel chair approach the ring of singers (some with children) I didn't think much of it.  That is until the person in the wheel chair started screaming at people and trying to run over their feet with his wheelchair.  Then I thought to myself 'okay another right wing nut job, no big deal' we encounter them regularly here.  Slightly later two large guys approached the singers on the second floor of the rotunda.  They carried a tea party flag in yellow(the cowards color) and proceeded to begin walking around the rotunda with it.  Fine by us we even applauded the rightie's for finally showing up at the capitol and taking part in democracy for once.

Well as these two flag carriers approached a group of women singing they started dragging their cowards flag over the ladies faces and tried to wrap them up in it.  Large men do not need to immobilize and elbow women anywhere much less at a peaceful sing along in the states capitol.  One small gentlemen rushed to the ladies aid ahead of myself and asked what was going on.  He was punched in the face and placed in a head lock.  I was amazed, I removed the head lock from the protester and we immediately called for the police.  At this time wheel chair guy came up and starting yelling that we were all under arrest for attacking "his" peaceful demonstration.  Wheel chair guy as it turns out is former republican senator Dave Zein.  And he took responsibility for organising this effort.

Of course Wisconsin being Wisconsin and decency being decency the righties were questioned, witness statements taken, one by a lawyer who witnessed the attack and the perpetrators were handcuffed and taken into custody on felony assault charges.  Zein sat there dumbfounded in his chair and started offering an array of excuses for his parties behaviour.  Knowing how the right wing considers God to be angry and knowing how the right loves to blame the victims I had no qualms about approaching the former senator and asking him right up close "What did you do sir, to anger the Lord?"  He asked me what I meant so I pointed at his prominently displayed stump of a leg and asked him again "What terrible thing did you do to anger the Lord your God and make him strike you lame and take your leg?"

I almost thought he was going to cry for a moment but as I have a life and work to do I couldn't wait all day for him to come up with some kind of answer and so I left him there surrounded by police.
But that is not what the subject of today's blog was supposed to be about.  I just threw it in there for its pertinence to all that's going on and the righties double talk and use of double standards.

By popular request I am continuing the new section of my post entitled:
                                                             KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

This first asshole was Blake Gober a minor underling for republican supreme court justice David Prosser, with everything going on today it was hard for me to single out an individual whose behaviour earns him or her the title of ASSHOLE.
So instead today I thought I would let you all know where to find some assholes for yourself.  If your in southern Wisconsin, in Madison most evenings you can find a grand collection of assholes at The Avenue Bar located at 1128 E Washington Ave.  Phone 608-257-6877.  The Avenue is a fine establishment and I have many fond memories of being there.  But lately the conservatives have been meeting there for drinks and conspiring together, so if your looking for assholes, that is the place to look in Wisconsin.  Remember it always pays to:
                                                                KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

And now back to what I was going to originally write about this evening.  I was back home this weekend (I don't get to visit very much these days with everything that is going on at the capitol) and was visiting one of my neighbors.  My neighbor who I will simply call "J" is someone Ive known for years.  We have always gotten along well even though she identifies as a republican.  That never bothered me though because she never discussed politics and never voted, so I considered her harmless.  And we would watch Packer games together with the neighbors and have cook outs and really enjoyed each others company.
Friday night I stopped by to say hi to her and see what was new in her world.  Apparently 'J' had politics on the mind (along with some alcohol) and very earnestly questioned me about what was going on at the capitol.  I explained about concealed carry and the de-funding of our schools and about how the GOP has bussed in dozens of hand picked cops to try and start violence amongst the protesters.  She tipsily rebuked my words and said that state troopers couldn't have been at the capitol because they are not allowed to be involved in politics or labor disputes by their charter.  I said that is absolutely right and I'm proud she knew that fact.  She then said something that sounded like a blurb from fox news about working and middle classes need to pay there fair share and stop beating up the rich.  I then reminded her that her taxes would be going up to make the rich even richer and that they were taking over and selling off our government to out of state interest's while simultaneously  lowering tax rates on corporations and wealthy individuals yet again which is part of how we got in this situation in the first place.
At this point she got pretty upset with me and stated that I sounded like 'a Jehovah's witness' and was babbling nonsense that no sane person could believe.
Wow, she says that we shouldn't complain about tax loop holes for the rich or even talk about them, yet its okay to place the burden right on the people who can least afford it.  She was off work for months last year with a medical issue but is now stating that perhaps nobody should have health care.  She doesn't believe that the GOP would ever cut funding to our schools because they know that would be sabotaging the state and America yet even Rush Limbaugh admits this.  I had to wonder if her job as a claims adjuster had anything to do with all this.  Did the corporate bigwigs discuss politics with the workers?  I know Wal-Mart does that with their mid-level people, spinning the issues and telling them how to vote.
But then with bleary eye's she asked me the most poignant and telling question of the night.  'J' asked me what I was getting out of this because I'm not middle class.  She wanted to know what the payoff was for me and I told her flat out that protecting Wisconsin for everyone including her children was all I wanted from this.  She was absolutely incredulous and refused to believe in the possibility of such thinking.  As I hastily left her home it occurred to me what I had been denying myself all these years.  That despite 'not voting' and being politically unaware, 'J' was truly a conservative.  Stating that she would and could not believe that somebody would fight and sacrifice so much for only the good of others is what makes her a republican.
By only believing in what can be financially achieved for oneself here on Earth with no though to right or wrong or the possibility of an afterlife she summed up neo-cnservatives and the tea party movement.  They are all greedy power seeking atheists regardless of what they claim, and have no concern for anyone or anything that does not directly affect themselves and they're all consuming worldly greed.
I miss old fashioned Wisconsin politics, and I miss bi-partisan debate.  I miss people being able to agree to disagree and moving on.  I miss unbiased news and information sources and media outlets.  I miss my old neighborhood and all of us coming together in the evenings to laugh and share our lives.  Mostly right at this moment though, I miss my former friend.  And I'm placing the blame at Scotty Walkers feet.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!


frogette said...

Jon Stewart, In recent interview with Fox's Chris Wallace: "Fox Viewers are the most misled media viewers in EVERY poll"

Breaking news: via Eclectablog - Citizens to announce major statewide action against Michigan's Emergency Plan - to be announced in several Michigan cities, including Lansing, Benton Harbor, Flint, and Detrooit tomorrow 6/22/11.

And, today, 6/21/11, a Solidarity Singer is slugged in the face under the Capitol Dome by a "teabagger" around 1:00 p.m. Madison time. Thousands of anti-Walker protestors keep their cool for three months, but the Right wing looses control and commits the first act of violence among the citizenry. Join the Sing Along tomorrow at the Capitol. Peace, Madison

frogette said...

Whoops, Jon Stewart said Fox viewers are the most MISINFORMED media viewers.

frogette said...

Alternet, an online journal, today: Wall Street Journal and Fox News have the same parent company, and the same relationship with Koch brothers and right-wing think tanks such as American for Prosperity. I did not know this.