Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Morning in Walkerville

The crows are cawing and the diesel engines of the buses are roaring.  At least they are burning bio-diesel fuel though, that in itself is a protest against Republicans and especially tea partyers who have been brain washed by corporate forces to believe that only by going back to V8 engines and burning coal can we protect the environment and the economy.
Out of force of habit I purchase a Wisconsin State Journal and there on the front page is coverage of Walkerville and I am amazed until I see the photo they took.  With all these people out here the paper chose to take a photo of one of Madison's homeless folks napping in the sun to portray our struggle.  I am slightly angered for a moment but then remember that Walkerville is based on historic Hooverville so the photo is apropos. 
After a quick shave in the porto-potty (the only mirror I could find) using cold bottled water it is time for me to resume my place in the trenches of today's battle in Wisconsin's class warfare struggle.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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