Thursday, June 16, 2011

So look for the Union label! Really it's important.

Good morning Wisconsin, I am glad to see we are all still here and continuing the fight and gaining momentum going into the recall elections.  Big shout out to Bloombergville in the big apple New York New York.  Found out last night they are doing their own version of Walkerville in solidarity with us.  So much for the stereotype of New Yorkers considering the Midwest a bunch of 'flyover' states.  Thank you big apple WI loves NY.

And here is something else I just recently discovered that Pipefitter's a business on 520 State st. in Madison, WI  phone (608) 257-2400, and also Capitol Kids at 8 s Carroll st. phone 608-280-0744 fax 608-280-0959 have been ripping off Walkerville, the Unions, and the peoples movement.  What they did was steal the blue on white solidarity logo that they print on Union/Democrat red shirts, they took the logo without permission and bootlegged it for themselves.  These shirts are printed in a non-Union shop, on Honduran sweat shop made shirts and sold top dollar to the unsuspecting for a pretty tidy profit.  And not one penny of our money goes to support the Unions or your cause.
BOYCOTT Pipefitters entirely and don't be afraid to let them know why either.  They also sell the (admittedly) cute 'Union Thug' t-shirts in children's and infants sizes, once again the profit does nothing to help the cause that represents 95% of our states population.  If you would like to support the cause through purchase of shirts or buttons check out the information tent in Walkerville at the corner of State street and the capitol square.  There are other good outlets as well, just check the tag on the shirt to make sure it is Union made in the U.S.A.  If your not in the area I would recommend shopping online at Amsterdam Madison on Facebook (sight will be ready today or tomorrow at the latest) or in Madison visit the store Amsterdam located at 917 Williamson street or the other location at 447 W Gilman street.

I promised all you good people in last nights posting that we would be revealing today the names of three very important G.O.P. figure's who are being added to the recall list.  That will be posted in my evening edition of this blog and if you love democracy you are going to love the names you see.  We are just dotting the i's and crossing the t's right now and will reveal them later today for everyone.

At this time I would like to devote some space to extending my deepest and most sincere gratitude to some very special people, institutions and organizations because without each and every one of them this movement would have faltered long ago.  And without some of them I would be in an organ donor bank and you would now know me only as a martyr for the cause.  I would like to start with:  This citizen journalist organization has worked tirelessly and with no small sacrifice to bring the truth of whats happening in Wisconsin to the nations attention and beyond.  I would like to extend their thank you with a big shout out creator Dave, (my other Mom) Kelley, and my bestest buddy Cori.  Thanking you three and all the others for bravely presenting the truth to the people.  I know you will all continue the good work and you are all loved for it.

'Segway' Jeremy Ryan the executive director and activist extrordinaire of  This brilliant young man has fought tirelessly night and day for the cause, risking his possibly his sanity, and definitely his health in defense of the Badger state from the weasels on the right.  He has nearly singly handedly liberated the Capitol from the fist of the G.O.P. so that this most sacred of Wisconsin structures still remains 'our house'

Sly and Radio 1670 A.M. in Madison for bravely getting the word to the masses, and flying bravely in the face of the bought and paid for by the Republicans, mass media market.  Love ya buddy!

The University of Wisconsin Hospital's and Clinic's and their amazing and award winning staffs of Nurses, Doctors and Technician's.  They went out of there way to come to me during my hunger strike to monitor my health and provide valuable information.

The brave women and men of the Firefighters and Police and their respective Unions.  Thank you all for your cool head's and unwavering solidarity through these difficult and trying times.  This also includes the folk's of the Parks and Recreation Department, the State Troopers, Dane County Sheriffs, State Conservation Wardens, Department of Criminal Investigations, University Security and Police, Capitol Police and Security and it's devoted department head Chief Charles Tubbs. Chief if I ever win the lottery you will never have to buy your own coffee again my friend.

Of course I would never forget my beloved I.A.T.S.E., Teamsters International, A.F.S.C.M.E., M.T.I., the I.B.E.W. and I will just stop there because I will never remember all the Unions fighting in our cause but you know who you are and I stand with you my sisters and brothers.  Thank you.

To the hard working folks of the private sector Unions because they are about to have their Unions dismantled by Scotty Walker as he simultaneously plans to further change the child labor laws.  Reportedly to the point of allowing 12 year old's to become full tome minimum wage (mandatory pay cap) employee's.

Attorney (at large) Jim Mueller, master of real estate law who reacted admirably and professionally when he was thrown into the lion's den of civil and criminal law as a brave defender of the people's movement.  Special big shout out to my dear friend Katy as well.

My good buddy and fellow brother of the road, he's hell on two wheels - Newt who opened his home nd shower to the out of town supporters of Walkerville.

I'm sure that as soon as I hit the post button for my blog I will remember a hundred other names and feel guilty for not including them as well.  But as they say, "You know who You are, and I will always love and celebrate your involvement.

And thank you to all my subscribers and readers who are keeping up with the cause and getting the word out in their own way.  Thank you for your devotion and I will continue to get the word out to you all.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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kks said...

And thank you for keeping us up to date with the latest....we will keep fighting together until every last one of them is gone!
Hang tough!