Monday, June 13, 2011

coulda, shoulda, woulda

Well today is not going according to plan for your humble narrator.  Walkerville is humming along just fine and the capitol building is fairly quiet today.  Well except when the well attended Solidarity Sing Along was happening today as it does every weekday from noon until one p.m.
There are police roaming the capitol square in groups and they are perhaps even more bored today than anyone but that is too be short lived perhaps.
Basically there is little for me to report to you readers today.  There is a link on my facebook wall for a flash rally on Wednesday at the Capitol.  And of course various and diverse rallies and protests being staged tomorrow as the G.O.P. intends to make another run at their Union busting legislation.  Several Republican legislators are already chomping at the bit to pass the public union busting bill as they are starting to speak openly around the capitol of going after private unions next.  They will tie this in with new laws to weaken or remove access to unemployment insurance, new laws to weaken access to health care for those with insurance and some changes to the child labor laws to allow 14 - 16 year old more 'rights to work' which means your kids will now have to dig ditches with you to keep a roof over your heads.
I had originally intended to have one of two posts ready for today but the research is slowing me down.  One piece is on the cost of private security for the Governor as his popularity is so low he cant even trust his safety to officers of any of the states law enforcement departments.  But it is slow getting information on Wackenhutt and so that will be coming out later.
The second piece that I am working on is a bio on Vicki McKenna, the tea party radio host who has been calling for violence against peaceful demonstrations as she tries to initiate a riot, hopefully leading to some deaths if she can manage to influence the police to open fire on citizens.  I was going to finish that piece by stating that:
I have no wish or desire to see violence at all around the capitol building, nor would I want to see it in my neighborhood so if Vicki McKenna is so dead set on having violence occur it should be at her home.
I would then list Vicki's address, aliases, phone number and vehicle description with tag/plate number.  But since I want to see things peacefully resolved in Wisconsin I am torn on doing that.  Especially this week when all the conservatively (nearly all) controlled media outlets are promoting the possibility of violence in Madison this week.  If you think I should out McKenna's information comment on this posting and let me know, I will follow majority opinion on this one.
Also if you have any ability at all to be in Madison tomorrow on Tuesday the 14th please be there as the Republicans are bringing in dozens of people (so they say) to be fake protesters with the intention of initiating violence at any cost to defame the movement.  We will need lots of (preferably experienced) people to stop  the violence before it can start and to I.D. and/or document the individual agitators.
Wisconsin needs you on the square tomorrow citizens of the badger state.  We all need you there and I am looking forward to seeing you in the effort to halt the destruction of the 'Wisconsin Idea' and the American Dream.  In peace and solidarity my friends until next time.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


kks said...

See you tomorrow!

frogette said...

This is the calm before the storm. Tomorrow the whole world should be watching (though not so much on conservative web sites and traditional media). Thinking about Tuesday morning gave me a sick feeling in the stomache for what could happen. And yet, the people of your state are well aware of the danger posed by the audacity of the Walker administration, and their plans for tommorow. The sickness in my stomache came in part from thinking back on MacKennas hate words on air in response to the silent protest at the Special Olympics ceremony. You know you really have to be on your watch for tomorrow's events. PEACE, PEACE, PEACE, and DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT. Everybody that can should get out their phones and film. There were great suggestions on twitter: silent protest and taped mouths; everyone brings flags (would look good if media filmed), identify and peacefully surround agitators. Whatever tactic is used, the protestors know what it will be. You should be getting plenty of good rest to prepare for tomorrow, but if excitement (or anxiety) keep you up tonight in Walkerville, how about some last minute training in peace monitoring to others who stay up late? You are in my prayers. Be careful and keep safe! Oh, and my opinion Matt about MacKenna - don't give out her personal address. I don't think you want that kind of image associated with the Wisconsin Movement. My opinion is: GO AFTER MACKENNA AGRESSIVELY IN OTHER, MORE PEACEFUL WAYS. Give the contact information to her station manager and have everyone in not just Madison, but the whole U.S.A. call and complain vehemently, because what she did is wrong, contrary to the peaceful nature of the Wisconsin movement, and extremely offensive. Peace, Madison!