Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whizz Zoom Bang

Hello readers around the globe, hope your all doing well.  It has been quite the morning here in Wisconsin's capitol city Madison.  Woke up bright and early this morning with the sound of birds singing and diesel bus engines roaring.  At least they run on clean/efficient bio-diesel.  Take that Scott Walker!
Spent the night on the capitol square in solidarity with hunger strikers Hallis and Will.  It was almost like Walkerville again except for the lack of tents, by the way sidewalks were not designed for sleeping on not only are they hard and cold, they are really, really gross.  New appreciation for the struggles of the ever growing number of homeless folks here.
Spent the morning running around the east side of Madison and then returned downtown to work on a story about our brothers on hunger strike for  Then received a notice to be at the Capitol for an emergency measures meeting that was a veritable smorgasbord of republican traitors and even a few decent human beings who understand politics like Lena Taylor and Fred Risser. 
Segway Jeremy Ryan was there seated right between two of the WisconsinEye camera's.  In the middle of the meeting as we sat silently listening to the question and answer period, committee chairman, repugnican Ott had the sargeant at arms tell Jeremy to stop filming the meeting which was being broadcast live or be removed.  Once again the GOP fails to understand the definition of 'open meeting' so of course the state troopers come in and Jeremy refuses to stop filming or to get up and leave.  And I don't blame him their was nothing disruptive occurring and this was an open meeting with no posted rules to follow.
I'm reporting all this live on the Internet to some friends when to my great surprise two of the Democrats stopped the meeting to challenge Ott and his cronies on why an open meeting, which is being broadcast live cant be filmed.  The Dem's were on the attack and showing backbone and teeth.  And apparently Ott got bit because he finally threw his hands up and allowed the filming to continue.  I was amazed, literally.  Of course Ott wanted to sat that the public cant film the meeting because the GOP would edit the hell out of it to hide their actions from the public yet again.  Whizz, zoom bang things were happening fast.
It was now nearly time for the solidarity singalong which meant I needed to be there not only in solidarity
but also to help provide security for the peaceful singers from members of the now nearly defunct republican party and their radical tea bagging masters.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that senate minority leader Mark Miller had joined us along with some union reps who took the time to see us.  And then whizz bang and zoom word was given to me that hunger striker Hallis Mailer had been arrested in front of the veterans museum
for partially blocking one of the doorways into the museum.  They arrested a disabled vet, at the vets museum, now that's some irony there.  Later when I walked by I noticed that the police had left Hallis' chair he was sitting in, in front of one of the doorways into the museum.  I had to laugh at that.  I even considered calling the police to have the arresting officers cited for blocking the doorway but decided against it.
At the time of this posting I had gotten word but no solid confirmation that Hallis had been released without charges filed.  Dane county sheriff Mahoney is not a fan of the repug's using his jail as their personal re-education camp.  All this and not even three o clock yet, what a day.  Until this evening folks.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogette said...

Yesterday's Solidarity Sing Along: GREAT SINGING! I loved the sign that says "Power to the Peaceful". Peace, Madison.

frogette said...

By the way Madison, you're getting back in Huffington Post news. It was dead on "Wisconsin Protests" for many weeks. Check out these new stories: The Story of the Wisconsin 14: Behind the scenes (first of 2 part story), and Wisconsin Recalls Heat Up. IT'S AWESOME THAT ALL 8 CAPITOL DOORS ARE OPEN, AND THE METAL DETECTORS ARE GONE. PEACE, MADISON

kks said...

Saw the video by Jeremy....wonderful coverage...shows the stupidity first hand...dah, open meeting!
Hope Hallis and Will are ok, and out of the slammer.
I didn't know Will was arrested too....look forward to seeing them both back out.....
In solidarity!

frogette said...

Right on kks. Thanks for the information on Jeremy Ryan. I am going to look it up on "you tube" under Defending Wisconsin channel. Bless Hallis and Will. I have heard Hallis is a veteran and thank him for his service to the country.