Monday, June 27, 2011

One and done

One and done for Scotty Walker, as reported in my last post, due to security concerns I quietly sat thru Scotty's little speech full of lies yesterday, he had his one day in the sun.  I hope the governor enjoyed it because now its back to business as usual.  And so I feel free to reveal today's segment of:

                                                           KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

And today's asshole is none other than the ol 'desperado' himself, the guy with the mommy complex (Oedipal complex?) the man who fraudulently elected himself to the office of Governor.  The guy who destroyed the rank and file of his own party, the one who brought us all together in opposition to himself, self appointed #1 Koch whore and traitor to the state of Wisconsin, the United States and 97% of its citizens.  Hell he can even be considered a traitor to the human species and every single religion on the planet.  The cul-de-sac of cul-de-sacs, the lowest of the low, the King of all Assholes since the deaths of Pol Pot and Stalin.........

Scott Walker come on down.....your the next and all time winner of:
                                                             KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

Frankly that was an easy choice to make, I'm sure you have all been expecting it for awhile now.  Thanks again for reading and being responsible enough to keep abreast of the issue's.  In solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogette said...

This is what Democracy Looks like in Wisconsin at Guest Post: Thoughts on Being Part of the Wisconsin Movement by Amy S. Mondloch, today, June 27, 2011. I like this, it is very carefully thought out. I find this part especially important: #5. Going for the long haul: "Right now a lot of people are burned out, more than I’ve ever seen in my 20+ years as an activist and organizer." This is crucial. Madison you have run on adrenaline for four months, and people are getting tired. Many may in fact be experiencing effects of long term stress. Negative events like the bill signing on Sunday don't help. Think about this and take care of yourselves and each other. As a former activist who protested for months, I understand this. Things like massage, aromatherapy, time with family, and vacations might not be bad ideas. Care for one another. Peace, Madison.

frogette said...

World Revolution not seen on T.V. - Rallies Around the World on You Tube: "Stand up to bullies of the world with TRUTH, LOVE, and PEACEFUL PROTEST.

Matt, and kks, I wanted to thank you both again for your messages to me yesterday. That was awesome! My heart goes out to you and all in Madison and Wisconsin, as you stand up to some of the worst bullies of all. Peace, Madison.