Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scotty is proud of Wisconsin - Milwaukee this weekend

It is true that Scotty boy will be attending PrideFest in Milwaukee this weekend.  What I may have failed to say earlier and I admit it ( I suck) is that it wont be Walker in person but rather a stand in.  Some persons known or unknown  liberated a official state of Wisconsin photo and plaque of the (fraudulently elected governor) from the Secretary of States building this week and are circulating it around the badger state.
He was initially seen at the Henry Vilas zoo in Madison posed as a zookeeper.  Now he is on his way (right at this moment) to Milwaukee for PrideFest 2011.  I was there for PrideFest 2009 because I'm such a huge Cydni Lauper fan.
Yes it is just a official photo and plaque of the governor but you get the idea right?  It should be all kinds of fun and I am thinking of setting up a web site called 'where's Scotty' and doing the same thing on a grand scale all across the great badger state.  Just e-mail me and I can arrange for "Scotty" to be at your Pridefest, labor rally or Bar Mitzvah.  All I ask is that you share the photo's with me. 
This is my kind of shenanigans.  So if you see Scotty let him know how you feel by taking a photo and posting it to my facebook page.  Looking forward to hearing from all you folks and happy PrideFest.

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