Friday, June 17, 2011

An ending and a beginning, my last post from Walkerville

Hello readers, this is going to be my last posting from Walkerville.  Although the permit for Walkerville does not expire until the 20th of this month it was decided to avoid the hassle of tearing down and setting up everyday as required by the terms of the permit to accommodate the huge and popular farmers market that occupies the entire square and then some every weekend.
I can understand the reasoning behind this decision especially given the fact that Scotty Walker's budget was passed by the Senate yesterday.  Although I'm not going to miss bailing rain water from my tent, spending the nights in a sleeping bag on concrete and passing out endless cigarettes to the homeless while being yelled and spit at by tea party bastiches, I'm gonna miss our Walkerville.
I have lots of fond memories of my time there, camping out with friends, the general helpfulness and friendliness of my fellow protesters.  Sitting around at nights watching films and sharing idea's.  It seems like their was nearly a 24/7 soundtrack provided by Madison music legend Art Paul Schlosser who has a new c.d. out by the way comprised of songs he wrote during the protests.
Yesterday was very long and very productive for me and I'm glad that I decided to celebrate in my tent with some friends and co-patriots.  We drank Walkertini's (vodka and Squirt) in dixie cup's and listened to a live rehearsal by a traditional acoustic Gallic band.  It was a wonderful time and I'm glad that this is how my Walkerville experience ended.
A very big thank you to everyone who promoted and participated in this historic and memorable event.  I was slightly sad this morning when I first heard that we would be leaving and I was even quietly a little irritated at the press as they took pic's of me as I loaded my gear onto my bad motor scooter.

And that is the ending that I mentioned in the title of this posting.
And now for the beginning I mentioned in the title of this posting.

I am starting a new and regular addition to my blog today and I hope you all find it both entertaining and informative, so here it is folks, the new addition to my writings that I like to call:

                                                         KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

Today's asshole is a Wisconsin native and a junior aide of some type or other to right wing radical
Wisconsin Supreme Court judge and Walker cronie David Prosser.  I don't have his phone number and address to give you but I can tell you he drives a red Chevy S10 pick-up with black stripes that he parks in the lost next to Madison Fire House #1.
His name is Blake 'Goober' Gober who just recently tweeted to Vicki McKenna concerning the vastly misrepresented zombie protest that occurred in the midst of a Special Olympics function.   Blake is 20 or 21 years old and claims to have done two tours with the United States Marine Corps and has hit every single Naval base in the Pacific.  He also claims to have been on the ground in Iraq where he proudly killed "whatever moved."  I'm just stating this to establish his credibility and character.
What makes him my first ASSHOLE is his tweet in which stated "some libtard claims they didn't ruin the special olympics."  First of all the event was a commencment ceremony not the actual Special Olympics, secondly your supposed to capitalize the words Special Olympics.
And the big qualifier for ASSHOLE status is his use of the term libtard, and especially when discussing an event for the developmentally disabled for the love of God!  So there you have it folks, it pays to do your research before posting things and it pays to:
                                                      KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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