Friday, June 24, 2011

Another intense and hectic day

Hey readers hope this finds you all well, and I hope your day has been way less hectic than mine.  Great singalong outside today, super turnout, look for the vid on YouTube.  Both hunger strikers, Hallis and Will are free and with us again.  Yes Will had a cardiac arrest while in custody last night but he was just released from the hospital and is back with his sisters and brothers at the capitol.
Looking forward to seeing everybody at the capitol tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be great so stop on down even if just for an hour.  I'm short on time here and will be having limited Internet access over the weekend as I will be chasing down Scotty across the state as he weasels around signing his abysmal legislation.  He cant be seen in public in Madison, I'm sure you understand why.
                                                      KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE
If you go to my facebook page there you will find information and contact numbers for both the veterans museum here in Madison and the company that owns the building they lease.  Each is blaming the other for the illegal arrest of Hallis and Will so give em both hell.  They're all assholes.

Will post again as soon as possible with tales of my chasing down Scotty across the length and breadth of this beautiful badger state.  Keep the faith sisters and brothers.  Until later...............

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogette said...

Madison: I am have come to understand the importance of the Fabulous 14 in giving the Wisconsin movement strength, after reading the Huffington Post Story. When you see the protest marches in New York with Boombergville, and also the nurses united, and the great crowd of protestors in New Jersey, and the thousands of volunteers in the recall officils and repeal EFM campaign in Michigan, be PROUD that you have truely inspired. Peace, Madison.

frogette said...

OMG. We're getting stronger: on you tube. Look at lie #3.

frogette said...

Van Jones, Speaker at Netroots, see on You ube, "Rebuild the Dream Netroots 2011": "FOX IS UN-AMERICAN! And I say, AMEN!!!!!!!!!