Saturday, June 11, 2011

Take your pic with a cop day at the capitol

Since the beginning of the current movement against Scott Walker the police at the capitol building in Madison have been very aware of what side they are on.  There has been lots of hand shaking and fist bumping.  Citizens and Officers have been united in solidarity and it has been one of the most heart warming aspects of the protests and rallies.

Now that things are getting heavy with the passage of bills at breakneck speed and with the voting coming up this week on the big Union busting bill things are changing very quickly at the capitol building.  In a victory for the people of Wisconsin, two more entrances will be re-opened allowing greater access to our capitol.  On the downside ten days ago the G.O.P. began drastically adding to the numbers of officers at 'our house.'  We now have over 10% of the state's entire force of game wardens screening visitors to the capitol.  And they are the nicest folks in the world, very respectful and approachable.

Likewise the Capitol Police and Security officers have been solid citizens and true professionals while in uniform and on the job.  Until recently that is, lately some officers have been showing the prolonged effects of stress from being caught in the middle between the protesters they side with and their tea party boss in the Department of Justice.  Most of you have seen the video of an officer aggressively arresting a young female journalist for taking photo's of the rally.  Although Chief Charles Tubbs is an excellent officer and decent human being, he can not oversee every action of his officers at all times.  That is one of the reasons these things are happening as in the case earlier this week where a CP&S officer groped a young lesbians breasts while patting her down in front of witness's.  Are male officers are not even allowed to pat down females being taken into custody?

What is much worse than that and some other questionable (illegal actually) activity by Capitol P&S is the recent addition of hand picked State Patrol Officers at the capitol.  These are mostly very young patrol officers selected for their eagerness to circumvent the law and their willingness to use any amount of force against people regardless of whether or not a infraction has occurred.

The Republicans plan at this time is to use these officers to arrest, hurt and intimidate the media and keep them from reporting at the capitol.  The GOP wants to operate under cover of darkness so to say, and have the ability to physically strike at those who would oppose them. is organising a rally for this coming Wednesday the 15th at 1p.m.  All with camera's are invited to attend, especially members of the press.  The intention of this rally is to respectfully but sternly and in a friendly manner, remind the officers that freedom of the press is a Constitutional and Federally protected right no matter what some pompous Republicans have to say about it.  We will be chatting with officers and taking photo's to share later.  We are also re-establishing a open and friendly dialogue with our fellow citizens in uniform.  It should be a very fun and peaceful time and I encourage everyone who can to bring a camera and attend.

Before the rally we will be handing out copies of the oath that officers take to join the force.  If you like you can make your own signs or copies.  The officers oath is written below.  Take care readers and I hope to see you there this week.

           On my honor,
           I will never betray my badge,
           My integrity, my character,
           Or the public trust.
           I will always have
           The courage to hold myself
           And others accountable for our actions.
           I will always uphold the constitution
           My community and the agency I serve.

On Wisconsin!    Forward!!!!


frogette said...

Martin Luther King gave a speech in Riverside Church in NYC in 1969 in which he said in order for people to conquer the "great triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism" we must "rapidly begin the shift from a 'thing-oriented' society to a 'person-oriented' society. This statement was in relation to the Viet Nam war, but addressed our problems in society at home. Just before saying this he shared a remarkable quote from John F. Kennedy from five years before: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." In Wisconsin, you know how valuable your relationship and solidarity with the police is. I don't believe this relationship existed in the 60's protest movement. Wisconsin, you are in my prayers. PEACE, PEACE, PEACE. And you know you don't have to wait to the journalist's protest Wednsday afternoon to Document, Document, Document. KEEP SAFE. Peace, Madison.

frogette said...

That's exactly what I'm sayin': Fox Viewers - Walker will create a riot (on Peace, Madison.