Friday, February 17, 2012

And the tide is turning...........on and on and on.

Hello again everyone from ground zero.  Everyday it seems we are gaining ground in leaps and bounds against the extremist regime of GOtea Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.  And by us I mean not just union labor, but all labor, farmers, educators and health care workers, activists and organizers, bloggers and citizen journalists.  And now that the radical and illegal agenda of Walker is being slammed regularly in the courts the media is actually starting to report from a basically neutral viewpoint on matters relating to Walker.  That means that everyday more and more citizens will be hearing the truth about Walker and the crooks and liars that are his staff as well as his master.

The more who learn and understand what is happening, the more who will vote against him and remove him from office and terminate his career.  The more who will stand up to the intentional lies and threats and rhetoric of the tea party radical tools & fools.

Just about an hour ago a judge denied Walkers appeal to further delay the recall process, this is a very important victory.  The faster he and others are recalled the less damage they can hopefully do to our beautiful state.  Of course Walker will attempt to severely punish the state he claims to respect and serve.  Scott Walker only serves his own interests and that explains his choice of masters -- ALEC.

Yesterday saw another huge victory for us in the court ordered release of documents relating to what is now an obviously highly biased, illegal redistricting effort.  Or as they refer to it themselves in the memo's wild gerrymandering"  One of the things I came across at about 2 a.m. when reading through these documents last night where a couple of interesting items attached to e-mails from Walker tool Manny Perez."

These two e-mails contain in small print at the bottom of the page a quote from the Bible in Spanish.  They read "Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata Mundi"  After a google search for a translation engine I came up with the English version of the text which reads "Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us"

I was honestly rather stunned at this, could a member of Walkers staff, a crony and traitor, actually be having regrets?  I just assumed that his staff had all long ago given up they're humanity.  Could it be that Manny Perez who had previously seemed to revel in his position in the Walker administration, well until he 'allegedly' sexually harassed his way out of that job actually be having second thoughts?  And just imagine how bad his behaviour must have been to have to leave a Walker appointed position, with Walker regime protection!

Previous to working directly for Walker,  Manny Perez was state level Tea party amongst other things.  He was paid to lie and manipulate the Hispanic and Latino population of Wisconsin to try to get them to support the radical right regime.  All the while Manny Perez was also working on destroying the voice of those same voters.  With the addition of his prayer for mercy from God, hidden in Spanish yet included in the e-mails, could it mean that after some soul searching he has realized the errors of his ways?  Has he realized that he has been a traitor to his own people as a servant of the racist and bigoted right wing zealots?  It appears so, and hopefully some others will realize that the thirty pieces of silver they received for their involvement in Walkers insanity is not worth the price of they're souls.

Meanwhile good folks who never lost their way are busy right now at the Capitol building in Madison.  Right now they are speaking , dozens upon dozens of them to the Joint Committee on Finance in regards to the horrid anti-environmental/ pro-corporate mining legislation.  I am touched over and again by what these fine and loyal citizens of the badger state have to say.  And what is amazing is that the GOTea members of that very powerful committee, who up to now have shown no respect for the citizens, the law or the legislative process, are now painfully sitting there and actually forcing themselves to listen to these common citizens and various experts on the subject.  They know that the tide has turned and they are now in severe fear for their political futures.  They are literally forcing themselves to behave as if they are politicians who listen and serve they're constituents.   Personally I am just glowing with happiness as I write this.

On the same subject, tomorrow the 18th of February there is going to be a discussion at the University of Platteville, Wisconsin on this subject.  I will be there tomorrow along with Senators Jauch (D), Schultz (R) and Cullen (D) and I would love to see many of you there as well.  I have trouble posting links on this blog site so if you are interested in getting the link to the event with all the important information, please see my facebook wall.  Otherwise I can give you this

I look forward to meeting more of you brave and bold badgers tomorrow.  Now is the all important time to add your voice to what is happening in Wisconsin.  To take part and slow down the destruction and damage occurring in Wisconsin in these last fleeting days of the Walker regime.  Keep up the fight and solidarity forever my sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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