Monday, February 27, 2012

Scott Walkers final victory, our last laugh

I was wondering what terrible things Scott Walker may have in store for Wisconsin in 2012.  I mean the guy must be just infuriated with the way things have turned against him.  Protests and rallies against him, the police and National Guard saying they will shoot him and solve every one's problems.  Legislation deadlocked, his hand picked stooge for senate Jeff Fitzgerald cant raise a dime while his challenger, Tammy Baldwin raises over a million in just one quarter.  His aides and staffers are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship.  Oh yeah .........and he is getting recalled and knows he is now powerless to stop it.

And Scott Walker is a psychopath, well more precisely a 'covetous psychopath' as explained at length in my previous posting "The APA's psychopathic profile and Scott Walker"  And psychopathic personality types worship themselves and nothing else.  So I was wondering, how could all that ego handle a recall and total elimination of his regime?  Surely he has some evil parting gift for the brave and bold Badgers of Wisconsin that are ousting him.

And the answer was right there all along.  I was worried about him completely destroying all public education or other radical part of his agenda, but he has no political muscles left.  And once again the answer was in front of me all along.  Walker is a 'covetous' psychopath, he hates the inherent goodness and decency of Wisconsin's citizens.  He despises the camaraderie and neighborly sense of things.  That is what he hates the most and that is what he has ALREADY destroyed.

Wisconsin is divided by his radical social-political engineering attempt and the web of lies that surrounds it.  He has already achieved his ultimate personal goal for Wisconsin.  We are divided and divisive, brother is turned against brother and sister against sister.  Neighbors are infuriated at each others politics and families are divided.  Good for you Walker, you have achieved your final and most important victory.

But we will have the last laugh, we will ultimately unite our state and return to what we were, and still under it all, really are.  We may be angry now, and some wounds will take awhile to heal.  But ultimately heal they will, that is because although some are temporarily subverted, Wisconsin folks are good people.  We will reunite sister and sister, brother and brother.  Sooner or later we will just naturally reunite with friends and family as Scott Walker becomes more and more of a fading memory, a answer to a political trivia question.

So Scotty may have his victory for now, but it will be short lived.  And as long as Wisconsin retains its inherent goodness and decency, we will have the last laugh and our victory will carry on into posterity.  The one thing the sick mind of Scott Walker never considered when he tried to drag us apart, is that us, unlike himself, are good folks and we will always unite towards a better future.

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!

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