Thursday, December 29, 2011

More tea party death threats from WI

This one comes to us from Custom Heating of OshKosh, WI

(920) 235-1727 , (920) 235-7263

Sometime soon I will try to post a master list of the hundreds of these tools & fools trying to deride the democratic process here in the badger state.  Hundreds of silly little weasels trying to scare hundreds of thousands of brave badgers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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Bill Schmalfeldt said...

The first number on your death threat list belongs to Carl D Sosnoski of Oshkosh. Is this the Karl you are talking about? The second number comes back, same guy. First number is his home number at 2475 Knapp St. in Oshkosh. Spokeo says his lifestyle interests include "Driving trucks" and "browsing mail magazines." The second phone number is for "Custom Heating and Cooling," which lists Mr. Sosnoski... don't know if he's the owner or just the truck driver or magazine browser, at 1503 S. Main St. in Oshkosh. Might be interesting to check with Custom and see if they are aware one of their employees is using their phone to make death threats.