Saturday, December 10, 2011

Portrait of a tea party member.

One of the things I do as part of the movement is observing and reporting election fraud during this all important recall campaign here in Wisconsin.  The very small but very vocal neo-con tea party movement specializes in fraud, intimidation as well as trolling and spreading lies.  I am sure most folks have heard of Operation Burn Notice by now, that is the group that was dumb enough to organize and fund a movement intended to illegally destroy recall petitions and hurt or kill petitioners.  This group was funded and organized by John C Ward of Norman Oklahoma who is now very busy touring a federal courthouse before moving on to a federal prison.

To give you a portrait of what a typical tea party member is like I present to you Operation Burn Notice member Roy Innis of Oconomowac, WI.  Roy is famous for anonymously (coward) posting death threats against women and children as well as for making such notable quotes as "Michelle Obama is a nappy headed cunt"  Yeah I know I don't like that word either.  This week we also learned that Roy Innis is a member of American Legion post 91 in Oconomowac (try saying that three times really fast) WI.  Roy loves to jump up and announce to the world that he is a decorated veteran having been actively deployed in Panama and Grenada.  He loves telling stories about all the people he has killed in graphic detail, something all the veterans I know don't like to talk about.

Well surprise, surprise after a little investigation it turns out that Mr Conservative values Roy Innis is a liar.  You see Roy Innis entered boot camp and then washed out in under a month.  I know what your thinking 'how can he be a member of a veterans organization if he is not a vet?' and the answer is fraudulently, the same way Scott Walker was elected.  But you don't have to take my word for it because after some digging around I came up with the information that will let you ask Roy for yourself.

Roy Innis W379 N5736 N. Lake Road
Oconomowac, WI 53066

works at Burgess Boys Automotive

member (not for long though) of American Legion Post 91
Oconomowac (spell check hates that name) WI 262-567-9691

Please ask questions of Roy quickly, as real veterans are on the way to see him at this moment.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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