Thursday, December 8, 2011

shenannigans abound

Hello from ground zero in Wisconsin, we are dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly here today.  The bad is some news that came from Madison today.  At the capitol earlier the right wing controlled Joint Committee on Finance voted along party lines to spend 2.5 million tax payer dollars to (create jobs? nope) take jobs from Milwaukee, WI where we have a railroad service depot, and use the money to shut it down and let the work be taken over by a different company out of state.

Yes they are spending money to get rid of jobs, to get rid of future income from increased rail activity and contracting fee's and ship them out of state.  Wisconsin is already the #1 state in the nation this year in job losses.  And now they are spending money to force the loss of more jobs.  No wonder the recall effort is moving ahead with absolutely breath taking speed.

Speaking of the recalls, the 7th district court is hearing a case concerning the GOP trying to rush they're redistricting rules through, AHEAD, of the schedule they wrote into the legislation, to have the highly controversial (and soon to be found illegal and unconstitutional) redistricting take effect before the recall election.  Shameless bastiches that they are.  They are already being sued from in state and at the national level for the atrocious legislation that they bought, yes bought, and pushed through in a blind rush.  Well the 7th district court has three judges on the case.  Two of them were appointed by Reagen and Bush, and they all but pimp slapped the republicans in court today.  That is the good.

Here is the ugly part, some of what I and others do here in Wisconsin is expose illegal voter fraud in Wisconsin brought about by the republican party and the tea party tools & fools.  We have ripped apart Operation Burn Notice, which is a organized effort to destroy recall petitions in the state to avoid the democratic process of law.  They are so terrified of the movement, and have no way to reasonably justify the actions of Scott Walker, that all they have left is violence, intimidation and fraud.  Operation Burn Notice is funded by John Ward of  Oklahoma, who is due in federal court on some very serious charges quite soon.  Today one of the groups I worked with uncovered a guy from the group who trolls online and has tried to physically intimidate and threaten legal recall workers.  His name is Roy Innis and amongst the other horrible things he has done, we discovered another disgusting activity of his.  You see Roy has been very vocal and active in his community as a two time military veteran and a decorated one at that.  He loves to parade around in his American Legion uniform and call himself a hero.

Well it turns out he is not a hero, he is a lying and disgusting piece of human debris.  We revealed to the world today that he is not a two time decorated war hero.  He is a lazy, loud mouthed, overweight boot camp drop out.  He couldn't take it and washed  out less than halfway through boot camp.  That shows you the degree of character it takes to be a member of the tea party.  I will be speaking tomorrow with the regional commander of the American Legion, and ofter asking him two questions, depending on the answers, I may reveal all of Roy Innis's personal information to the veterans groups that are screaming and calling for his head.  So there we have the good, the bad and now the ugly.

Sleep tight Wisconsin for everyday we are growing stronger and stronger.  The day of reckoning for the lying and treasonous coward of the neo-con movement is almost here.  Keep the faith, maintain peaceful discipline and keep up the fight.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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Wasn't aware of your site. Good show.

Bill Schmalfeldt