Tuesday, December 6, 2011

From the far corners of Wisconsin.

Hey there folks, hope you are all doing well and putting up the good fight.  Wisconsin is settling into another frigid winter and that can only mean one thing.  People all across the state are out enjoying the cold.  There is something about frozen temperatures that makes Wisconsinite's take to the streets.  Which is what I have been doing working the recall election and filling petitions with signatures.  Less than half way into the recall time limit and we nearly have all the signatures needed to trigger the election to oust Scott Walker.
I will be back in Madison next week and will keep you up to date on what is happening at the capitol there.  Starting next Friday we are going to challenge Walker's latest lamentable act, that being charging people money to access their constitutional rights.  Apparently he just has no shame, and that will be part of a huge posting I am working on that will appear here (and in other media) that will be coming out this weekend.
So in the meantime here are some facts and figures from the last 300 days here in Fitzwalkerstan, aka Ground Zero, aka Wisconsin.

411 recall signatures collected and counting (some from republicans who voted for Walker)

17 names turned over to the FBI in regards to election fraud, including John C Ward of Norman, OK who created Operation Burn Notice and is funnelling money into inter-state election fraud

2 people arrested from information gathered by a citizen journalism group I work with (many more coming)

3 1/2 years and $10,000 the price of election fraud (minimum) in Wisconsin

118 the number of good union jobs that would be created if we achieve our goal of 1,000 election fraud arrests and imprisonment.

3 people I have helped in having arrested at the capitol for illegal activity

1 the number of republican senators arrested that I was proud to be involved in

39 days until we turn in the recall signatures

540,208 signatures needed to trigger the recall

800,000 + anticipated number of signatures we will have collected by then for Walker and Kleefisch

2 number of republican senators already recalled from office

3 the number of republican senators we will soon be recalling from office

150,000 + number of people at the largest of the Madison, WI rallies this year opposed to Walker

1,800 (appx) number of people at the largest pro-Walker rally in Madison, WI this year

1,200 (appx) number of people at the largest pro-Walker rally in Madison, WI who were shipped in from out of state, provided free transportation, free lunch and $80 apiece

0 the tolerance I have for corporate imperialism and the tools & fools who support it

UNLIMITED the love that I have for Wisconsin and democracy

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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