Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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Hey there folks, thank you again for taking the time to follow me as I post here about my experiences here in Wisconsin.  I wanted to post on Monday night about my experience with the solidarity sing-along on Monday, which was the first day where we had to tackle head on the new and illegal administrative policies formed by Scott Walker.  I had a medication switch here this week and I just could not find the strength to deal with posting my blog the last couple of days.  I know that must sound feeble, I mean writing a blog post isn't exactly on par with loading semi's or digging ditches but that is where I was at.

Speaking of the sing-along as expected the turn out was very impressive indeed.  I did a couple of hard counts during the one hour of the event, and both times came up with appx. 500 good citizens of Wisconsin in attendance.  Regional media was in attendance in huge numbers as well and they all seemed to look around the ground floor of the rotunda and placed sing-along numbers at around 250.  Of course they were ignoring another 200 on the first floor of the rotunda and another 50 above that in the galleries but whats new?  Representatives from The Progressive covered the event as well and placed the numbers at closer to 1,000.  Although that does sound good, and The Progressive is not known to exaggerate, I will stick with my hard count number of attendees.

Before the sing-along I spoke with some of the officers of the Capitol P & S Department, and they told me that basically they don't understand the new administrative policy for several reasons including:
1. It is unconstitutional and they don't see how they can be expected to enforce it.
2. The policy as written means they would have to arrest families visiting the capitol for the holiday.
3. Lobbyist's who travel mostly in groups, would be subject to arrest.  And as we and the Capitol P & S officers know very well, the right wing is all about lobbying money and they wouldn't want lobbyist's to deal with access difficulties in state government.  Even though it is the right wing that is putting all the pressure on the Capitol Police to break the laws and abuse citizens as well as restrict access to the building.
4. The new administrative policy was written so hastily that for the above reasons, they have told the poor officers to 'enforce the new policy, which we have now suspended, as we re-write it'  I know that makes no sense at all.  Currently they are revising the policy to allow for lobbyists and special interest groups that support the tea party and the GOP, to have unlimited capitol access.  They are also revising the language to allow for families to tour the capitol without worry of arrest for illegal gathering.  Which means part of that will entail defining what is a 'family' by the GOP definition.  I am rather certain the exact phrasing will have something to do with terms like "Caucasian, heterosexual couples" of "christian character" who have "legally defined children" meaning adoptive children may not be included.  As well as step and foster children and children with only one parent and/or being raised by a single grandparent.
5. The officers are offended (greatly) by the administrative ruling which states that all people gathering to use their 1st and 4th amendment rights, would be charged $50 per officer, per hour for the violation.  First off the cops don't want hundreds of officers standing around the capitol every day getting in their way, waiting to see if a protest group would show up to challenge the policy.  Secondly the officers are really steamed that the charge of $50 per hour each, is roughly double that of the salaries AND compensation package that they take home every week.  

So of course what is happening is that the good women and men of the Capitol Police and Security Department are completely ignoring the new policy.  They will continue to serve and protect the building and all who work and visit there, but they want nothing to do with violating federal laws on behalf of the republican party of Wisconsin.

Do you think I am a little bit of a left wing nut for what I wrote in #4 above.  Actually that all comes from other wording in right wing documents and legislation already written and enforced in America this year.  So if there is lunacy involved, and I admit that there is, it isn't coming from me.

In other news democratic party members are working on combating the new and illegal policy.  All the while the recall effort is moving forward.  Although we already have enough signatures to begin the recall of Walker and Kleefisch as well as other GOtea senators, we are continuing our efforts with the strong possibility of turning in around one million signatures.  Which would about double what we needed, and would give us monstrous momentum going into the recall elections.  So keep the faith sisters and brothers and keep up the good work.  We are winning and we will reclaim Wisconsin, after all we are strong and united, we are smart and aware as well as loyal and conscience of where we stand.

Speaking of our side being 'smart and aware' check out this quote heard last week from the anti-recall, tea party camp:  "These elitists rich people on the left have to be defeated to save America.  These under-educated bums have no money and want to occupy and collect welfare until our nation is bankrupt.  They rule all business and media, they have all the money, and have nothing to do all day but sit around and try to communize us."

So the right is against 'rich, bums' we are'overcommunize" is not a word.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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