Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Make a phone call, feel like a hero.......its so easy

So easy even a caveman can do it.  Oops shouldn't have used that line.  Everybody is probably still sick of the old Geico commercials.  Anyway as I'm sure your all very aware, Wisconsin is in the middle of a non-bloody but still very real class war initiated and pursued by the Republican party and the corporate powers that control the party.  Plus a little help from the radical right nut-jobs who now prefer to call themselves the tea party.

Part of how this war is being fought in the trenches daily at the capitol building by individuals like Jeremy Ryan and myself amongst many others, is to maintain access to the day to day happenings there to help the citizenry of the state maintain awareness of all that is going on.

Since the mainstream media has been crippled or controlled in its ability to do this, citizen activist's and citizen journalist's have taken up the cause of keeping everyone informed of these events.  One of the beautiful things about the way that Wisconsin government conducts itself is it's open meetings laws that help to provide transparency of governments actions to the people.

Now enter the new radical right Republican party.  They prefer to rush legislation through the Senate and Assembly, preferably unannounced and behind closed doors as the agenda they are currently working on is dynamically opposed to the interests of over 90% of the states citizens.  Basically if your not Caucasian and at least a millionaire the G.O.P. is out to remove your voice and concerns about the very important issue's at hand.  This will be done through limiting your ability to vote and be represented by your own government.  So if your opposed to a corporate machine destroying everything that Wisconsin has always stood for, here is what you can do to help out and be a hero in the cause.

1.  Pick up your phone, any old phone will do.

2. Call the Dane County District Attorneys Office at 608-266-4211.

3.  Tell them that you support the open meeting's laws and oppose the prosecution of those individuals.                who attend these meetings and their wrongful and unconstitutional removal from those proceedings.

4.  Sit back and be happy that you've played an important part in saving Wisconsin.

Yes it is just that easy and you will be playing an important part in current events and you will be a hero for taking part in the democratic process.  Thank you for your time and support and here is to you and a brand new day for the grand ol badger state.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


kks said...

Thanks for the updates. I'll be back at the Capitol next week....keep posting the events! You snd Jeremy are my source for information....and I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

May 25, 2011 ct The Capitol Times: "Open Capitol to the people of Wisconsin" If the people love the capitol of their state, why keep it on lockdown?

Aussi Jim said...