Friday, May 20, 2011

It's not what they's what they fear

Yes indeed the Republicans made a huge power grab this week.  Power is what they worship over anything created by God or man.  What we actually saw though, was their fear in action.  These people are immoral but not stupid as many are wont to say.
We saw this power grab out of fear of recalls and the first death throe's of the soon to be short lived phenomenon known as the tea party.  They are desperate to force rapid change because they know that what we are seeing is cyclical and historically very short lived.  The more realistic or pragmatic if you will, of the G.O.P. know they must rush these bills through.  They also know that due to unpopularity, illegality and the general shoddiness of their work that 90-some percent of all these laws will be struck down in short due course.
What they are hoping for is that a few key pieces of legislation will still be on the books five years down the road.  That is the so far unspoken truth of what happened in Wisconsin this week.  They know that as well as we do.  They can try to hide the fear that they feel in well controlled press conferences, but the look in their eyes and their body language when you meet and question them in person tells you something different, very different indeed.
So keep the faith my sisters and brothers and rejoice in knowing that the Republicans are already aware of how these events will come to an end.  They  know that the bills they passed have an expiration date on them.  They did what they did in order to receive the 30 pieces of silver they were promised by the corporate masters of ALEC, the Koch brothers.
So rejoice citizens of the great state of Wisconsin.  Onward my sisters and brothers of the badger state, enjoy this warm and sunny spring day we've been given and know that at the end of all our hard work fixing the evils of today we will be able to enjoy thousands of more beautiful days just like this one.  Keep up the fight for it is still far from over.  But do not fret for we shall avail.
And by the way sorry about the missing paragraph section from yesterdays posting.  And as I'm experiencing some computer problems this may be the last posting here until Monday but don't worry I will be back because in Wisconsin we don't give up, we say FORWARD.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm ejoying a movie now, The Cradle Will Rock (1999): "A stage where the workers trample the capitol." "They don't trample it." "It's an attack on Capitalism." "Not at all, it's an attack on GREED. It's a good play, it's funny, it's moving and the music's great." -1930's. Sound familiar?

frogette said...

Hello Madison. I would like to dedicate this song to you, from the heart: Train - Calling all Angels. "'Cause my tv set just keeps it all from being clear."

Martina said...

Your posts are great, Matthew, and very informative. What is the chance of Secretary of State LaFollette slowing things down enough for the court to challenge the legality of the voting bill?

Anonymous said...

Over the weekend Eclectablog noted that 6000+ people showed up at the capitol in Lansing, MI to protest cuts to education, and not one word was published about it in the Detroit newspaper. But the phony rapture got full coverage. If there only was 60's media, we would be in the dark ages.