Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Would you? I wouldnt

If a man was coming for you with a gun would you call the police to intervene, or would you wait until you had been shot and then call and hope that you survived?
If a pedophile grabbed your child would you do everything in your power to save the kid or would you wait and hope for the best until after the child was raped?

Sometimes 99% of the population can agree that there is a need for immediate action.  So when I look and see what the sociopathic Governor Scott Walker and his Koch brother masters have in mind for the great state of Wisconsin I do not hesitate to act.  Jeremy Ryan does not hesitate to act.  There are many others as well who are part of the daily opposition to the right wing destruction of Wisconsin and America.
 We will not wait until the bullet has been fired, we will not sit by and wait until after the damage has been done to our fair state.  That is why we are in the Joint Committee on Finance, the Assembly and the Senate.  To voice our constitutionally protected rights of speech and assembly and hold back the tea party tide of filth and lies and greed and hate.
Even if we are arrested and/or cited we can not back off of our opposition.  Why do we (especially Jeremy) go through all this trouble and grief?  Because it stall's out the Republicans legislative efforts until they are recalled.  Because even after were hauled out if the G.O.P. continues the session they are in violation of open meetings laws and negate their own legislation.  That way we don't have to undo these un-American bills in the future after they are already causing damage to our society.  After they bankrupt our state.  After they start destroying our lives, our state and our children's futures.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!

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