Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yup it's true, this here be Wisconsin eh, the magic land(for my non American readers) north of Chicago.  If this was Egypt and you came out and protested with us you'd be incarcerated and raped for three days.  If Damascus in Syria and you came out to join us in protest you might be shot and killed for doing so yup.  If this was South Africa and you decided to join us in protest you might be locked up for it (for 27 years) and then when released you would have to deal with divorce proceedings and then be forced to watch soccer matches, and who wants that ?

THIS IS WISCONSIN !!!!  and if you come out and protest with us you will be:

asked "how ya doin?"

asked if you think the "Pack going back to the Super  Bowl?"

invited to the bar across the street for a 'quick one.'

You will not be raped, murdered, waterboarded, interrogated, shot, or beaten.  Because in spite of everything going on we are civilized and THIS IS WISCONSIN!.  So armed with that knowledge, why isn't your butt out here protesting and standing up for your rights and/or future?

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!

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