Monday, May 30, 2011

Is it time to swing the barrels around ???

Memorial day here in Wisconsin and America.  The day when we commemorate, or at least we are supposed to, those who have served their country and laid down the ultimate sacrifice for Freedom, Justice and Democracy.  One day of the year to remember those who gave everything in this world to protect the idea of the United States of America.
So many ten's and ten's of thousands have suffered horribly and then laid down their lives at home and in far off, foreign lands to bring us all to where we are today.  Amidst the chaos of a ever changing world stage America is still (and perhaps only for a short while) a beacon of freedom to the world.  Born of conflict and strife America has always cried out since her earliest beginnings for freedom and justice.  More often than not the proud citizens of this nation have paid the price of freedom with their blood.
And so on this most important of days we should think of the current balance of freedom.  With Osama bin Laden now dead a small threat to peace and freedom has been eliminated.  But the larger threat still remains, looming over us because it is right here at home.  Even in the great state of Wisconsin.  You will of course, not be surprised when I name that threat as the G.O.P., the tea party radicals and there corporate masters.  And yes they are the masters of these two parties.  The whip they crack over the heads of those below them is the whip of ignorance.  Using lies and deceit to drive there underlings towards a greed driven false promise of riches soon to be stolen from 95% of Americans.  The masters use their ignorant tea party and greedy G.O.P. slaves to destroy justice, peace and unity.  To remove your ability to vote and voice an opinion.  To take power from the hands of the people and contain  it exclusively within their own grasp.
Their ultimate intention, their final solution, is the destruction of America to bolster there own greed and egotism.  To abolish the very concept of America forever.  They speak of love of God and incite their followers to attack the welcoming and inclusive who respect all faiths.  They use the ignorance of their followers to incite attacks against prosperity led by the least prosperous themselves.
They say that "E Pluribus Unum" means that only one definition of reality is acceptable.  In other words they twist and rend, destroy and vulgarize everything America and Wisconsin stand for.  And on this day when we remember all those brave souls who gave everything defending America, what do we do now? 
We continue our eternal struggle of course, but how do we fight this battle?  With gentle words and peaceful actions or do we resist and face repeated arrest and disruption of our lives to stave off the damage.  Do we hope that someday in the distant future that our children or grandchildren might regain the freedom's that we allowed to be lost?  Or do risk our liberty now to preserve the greatness of our American legacy?
I ask you because in reflection of all these things I am torn in half.  Part of me wanting to march quietly picket sign in hand and headed towards the capitol building.  Part of me wanting to swing the barrel of a rifle around and aim it at the heart of our enemy, though that means swinging said barrel towards America.  I'm seeking resolution through reflection on this sacred day and would seek your advice as well my fellow Americans.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


RanDomino said...

It hasn't gotten to that point and it probably won't.

Anonymous said...

Wow powerful and beautifully written.

Wolf said...

I think we're hanging on the edge, right between both solutions. There are about three election cycles left here where a difference can be made at the voting booth and with our signs--if we don't take things back over before the corporate enemy finishes consolidating their hold over our entire political process, it WILL become THAT bad.

Here in Wisconsin, we're seeing bills every day erode our voting rights and our power to control our own State. But holding out the hope that with a few simple victories--the change over of a few Senators' seats--we can put into place a group of people who will go back and undo the damage before it gets rolling too fast, reaches too far. The nation is perhaps at that same place ... or perhaps not, it's hard to tell.

But you're right to be asking the question, and you're not the only one asking the question, because we really are on the brink--it's just that the time-table is longer than feels comfortable. Recall elections start in July. Walker is OUT in February or March--I have to believe that! Then we sit back and take stock of what we have, and what happens next.

kks said...

Many of us feel the same way, you are not have made a difference by being out there, plus you keep us that can't be there every day informed! We will overcome....even if the outcome is not what we wish....but, we have to believe that justice will be served. The recalls and booting out the "tool"!
Hang in there and keep your head high!
Thanks for what you do!