Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5 The G.O.P. and the Joint Commitee on Finance

Arrived earlier than normal at the state capitol building.  A lovely morning for the most part in southern Wisconsin.  A little hazy but still pretty decent.  Arrived at the east entrance and went through the metal detectors and the whole pocket emptying procedures.  Chatted with the officers about the weather.  In case your wondering why yes, it is ILLEGAL to have these security procedures in place.  Yes it is ILLEGAL to restrict access to the buildings entryways.  And yes it is very ILLEGAL to violate the Americans with Disabilities Act as dictated by the federal government.

But Scotty Walker is our (fraudulently elected) Governor and he has no respect for any laws that he himself didn't write or was told to write by his masters.  And so after dealing with these illegalities I made my way to the rotunda to meet Jeremy Ryan from  Looked around for awhile, then awhile longer.  Then just a little while longer and.......realise I must have missed him or he was detained by something unforeseen.  So I went downstairs to the ground floor of the rotunda and settled down in my old 'hunger strike' spot to observe the happenings and wait for the noon Solidarity Sing Along.

The crowd for the start of the sing along was rather sparse at first but soon filled out quite nicely.  Especially after we were joined in song by dozens of grade school children who had come in to tour the capitol building.  It was pretty heart warming I have to admit to see all those kids join in the circle and sing along with us.  Very cool that they already knew the words to most of the solidarity songs.

At one o clock the sing along was over and the singers left to join with protesters outside or to make they're way back to work.  Jeremy and I stepped outside for a quick smoke break then back inside to take care of some business.  First we had to make a stop at the headquarters for the Capitol Police and Security in the basement of the building.  Jeremy has been trying very hard to get some basic information from them regarding the individual who attacked him previously.  And Jeremy has been getting the run around it seems from the police who seem confused as to whether crime victims are allowed to be told when a trial date has been set.  Confused as to whether or not a crime victim is to receive such information in a timely manner.  They were not even aware if the person that they arrested, took into custody, and charged with a crime was being charged with a felony or misdemeanor.  I know there is lots of stuff going on these days but come on officers, really ?  I can tell you that in Dane County if you assault another person with any weapon that your charged with felony assault.  Ce la vie.

So after that we went upstairs to witness the live comedy troupe known locally as the Joint Committee on Finance, which is 100 years old this year so they must be really funny, or so I though.  Instead there was nothing amusing at all about what was happening in there.  Republicans were bullying fellow senators and being basically border line abusive in their language.  Like over grown schoolhouse bullies.  When questioned by a senior Democratic senator on the morality of some of the legislation being voted on the Republicans were either amused that someone would expect moral or ethical behaviour from them or they were outraged and flippant that such things were even expected from them.

In the middle of all of this two teachers brought their students into the committee room.  Senator Glen "Your all slobs!" Grothman obviously very sick and tired of discussing laws ("were the majority, laws don't apply to us") and moral responsibility ("we are the majority, Gods laws don't apply to us") came out to meet the kids from the tour group.  As he was approaching us I told the kids next to me that the man coming toward them in the ugly suit was really a monster.  This they seemed to immediately understand and quickly spread the word to their classmates, giggling the whole time.  Grothman was introducing himself to the kids as a very important public figure when Jeremy Ryan informed the young students that Grothman considered himself so important that he was taking away the money for they're education and for the teachers and giving it to rich corporations.
 Thank you for telling the truth Jeremy!  Grothman then turned on Jeremy snapping at him that it was inappropriate to discuss school funding in front of school children.  Really ?  Its not right to discuss school funding with teachers and students around ?  Its not right to discuss school funding at a meeting of the Joint Commitee of (@#%$&) Finance ?!?!?! 
Are all Republicans these days this dense ?  I seem to recall Gov. Tommy Thompson R-WI, as a very intelligent person and also very articulate.  What happened to the G.O.P. ?  Did the tea party legions of zombified citizens eat there brains ?  This was quickly becoming the worst comedy show Ive ever seen.  Luckily we left soon afterwards and I was able to enjoy the irony of what I had witnessed.  After putting some distance between myself and the elected clowns that is.  Remember who and what we are up against here.  These people are dangerous and morally bankrupt idiots without decency or possibly even humanity.  At least when you fill a room with them.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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