Thursday, May 26, 2011

Freedom and Democracy again reign in Wisconsin

This morning Judge Sumi struck down passage of Scotty Walkers anti-union legislation citing significant violation of the state's open-meetings laws.  This is great news for 96% of all state residents because now the GOP has to either go through the lengthy appeals process or start completely over.  Either way this can't happen until after the recall elections which are sure to dis empower the Republicans.

This also sets legal precedent to strike down other radical right wing legislation under the same laws and we have Jeremy Ryan of to thank for initiating those legal actions.  Celebrate Wisconsin and rejoice for we have won a significant victory today.

Thank you to everyone who protested, collected signatures, called their elected officials, hounded the media, went on hunger strike, and blasted vuvuzula's at the Governors office.  My deepest thanks to all of you for it took all of us to achieve this victory.  The fight is not over but for the moment feel free to kick back, have a drink and revel in some well deserved glory.

If you would like to do some gloating, here are some GOP Senators office numbers you can call and tell them how you feel about this historic moment in our states history.

Luther Olsen 14th district 608-266-0751
Michael Ellis 19th district 608-266-0718
Robert Cowles 2nd district 608-266-0484
Rich Zipperer 33rd district 608-266-9174
Leah Vukmir 5th district 608-266-2512
Terry Moulton 23rd district 608-266-7511
Joseph Leibham 9th district 608-266-2056
Mary Lazich 28th district 608-266-5400
Neal Kedzie 11th district 608-266-2635
Dan Kapanke 32nd district 608-266-5490
Randy Hopper 18th district 608-266-5300
Sheila Harsdorf 10th district 608-266-7745
Glenn Grothman 20th district 608-266-7513
Pam Galloway 29th district 608-266-2502
Scott Fitzgerald 13th district 608-266-5660
Alberta Darling 8th district 608-266-5830
Dale Schultz 17th district 608-266-0703
Van Wanggaard 21st district 608-266-1832
Have fun my fellow Wisconsinites, will post more later.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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