Friday, May 27, 2011

A thank you and an idea

First off a big thank you to everyone who read my last posting and took a few minutes of their time to call up Republican senators and give them a piece of their mind.  You had an effect on them sources inside the capitol building tell me.  Feel free to call them again or for the first time if you haven't already.

And along those same lines here is the idea I came up with.  If you cant afford (and not many can) a big memorial day getaway, then I've got an idea that just may appeal to you.  You can get some friends and/or family members together and have an inexpensive and fun filled time by having a combination tailgate/protest outside of a Republican senators house.  It's completely legal and if you bring some food and beverages and some music it could be a real blast.  And scare the heck out of the G.O.P. too.

Now there are some things to know before you jump in the car and take off.  Like I said this is very legal as long as you do not set foot on any one's private property, that would be trespassing.  Likewise you can not place or throw anything onto someone else's property.  Those are the big two but you should also be aware that in most place's you can have a radio or device playing at a reasonable level but you likely can not legally use a megaphone or other public address/amplification system.  And I wouldn't have a beer in my hand either.  Other than that your good to go.  Just remember to limit the fun to between the hours of 8a.m. to 10p.m.
And finally to get you started here are some Republican senator's home address's

Unfortunately Randy Hopper doesn't live at home with his wife because Mr. family value's is shacked up with his young mistress here in Madison and I don't know where her apartment is yet.  Or else he would be at the top of my list.

Dale Schultz lives at 515 North Central Ave in Richland Center WI

Alberta 'nobody's' Darling lives at 1325 West Dean Road in River Hill's WI

Scotty Fitzgerad (BOO) lives out on some nice land at N4692 Maple Road in Juneau WI

Pam Galloway lives at 1506 Pine View Lane in Wausau

Glen 'slob' Grothman lives at 151 University Drive 312N in snotty West Bend WI

The robot known as Sheila Harsdorf  lives at N6627 County Road E outside of scenic River Falls WI

Dan 'my butt is so recalled' Kapanke lives at 1610 Lakeshore Drive in LaCrosse

Neal Kedzie and his mustache are in lovely Elkhorn WI at N7661 Highway 12, good fighing around there too

Mary Lazich lives at 4405 South 129th Street in New Berlin WI

Joseph Liebham lives at 3618 River Ridge Drive in historic Sheboygan WI

Terry Moultan can be found at 980 118th Street in Chippewa Falls

Leah Vukmir lives at 2544 North 93rd Street in Wauwatosa

Rich 'screw the working class'-real quote Zipperer resides at N24 W26419 (wth?) Bucks Island Ct in Pewaukee WI      what the heck kind of address is that?

Mr. Robert "I'd be in porn up to my neck if I had a neck" Cowles and possibly some young actress' are at 300 W St. Joseph Street #23 in Green Bay home of The world champion PACKERS

The ever arrogant and ugly Michael Ellis claims (he's known to lie) to live at 1752 County Rd GG in Neenah

Luther Olsen lives at 1023 Thomas Street in Ripon WI  gotta love those cookies

the bastich Van Wanggaard is at 1246 Blaine Avenue in Racine WI

Have fun folks, I know I will, and remember that we are the good guys so please behave that way.  Also remember that this is legal and police officers know it as surely as they know we are on the same side.

And also take a moment to remember what Memorial Day is truly about.  Thank you.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


Anonymous said...

Corporations are not People. Check out this great, simple, informative video: The Story of Citizens United v. FEC (2011)

frogette said...

Corporations: "We want access to capital." The People: "We want access to the capitol." By the way, "The revolution will not be telivised". That has been pretty obvious this weekend. Happy Memorial Day Weekend, and hats off to those have sacrificed for our freedoms.